Vikings Fans Deserve a Superbowl. We’ve Earned it.

I just hate Facebook. Not only is it an easy place for idiots to voice the most outlandish of things, but also it is the leader in stupid posts about football.

Don’t get me wrong: I love football. A bunch of 300-pound men hitting each other to a dangerous degree is a jolly good time.

In being a huge football fan, I do have a favorite team as well: the Minnesota Vikings. Being a Vikings fan is probably the worst part of my life, however.

I grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota. While living there, I had probably the worst parts of my life unfold. In the years of 1998 and 2009, only true Vikings fans will know my pain.

It hurts and is my cross to bear. As much as I hate, and I mean hate, being a Vikings fan, I love the Vikings.

It is always such a hopeful season opener, much more so now that we have Teddy B.

One other thing that you might know about me is that I am from Washington. I went to high school in Washington, and I loved it. But boy oh boy do I hate Seahawks “fans.”

There is something that happens to people when their hometown football team wins a Super bowl: “Oh Erik, at least our team won a Super Bowl!”

Let’s examine exactly what happens:

All of a sudden, everyone cares about the team. It is bonkers.

Every girl in school is suddenly a Seahawks fan. They think Marshawn Lynch is the best “QB” ever.

Not only do they talk about football in person, even worse: they give play-by-play announcements on Facebook.

It is so terrible. I actually cared about the Seahawks. Goodness I was a fan when Hasselbeck was the QB – dark times.

Then, Tavaris Jackson blessed the team, and then all of a sudden a savior came in Mr. Wilson. The Seahawks got better, yet the team’s fan quality went down.

Will I cry when the Vikings win a Super Bowl? Most likely. Because when the Vikings win that first Super Bowl (Teddy give me this please), I am justified.

No football follower goes into a season like “Goodness I really would like a 6-10 team this year.” Only Browns fans do that.

I want the Vikings to win the Super Bowl this year. I will love it so much because I have dedicated my life to being disappointed come December/January.

What I dislike so much about Seahawks fans is that so few of them know what I mean. So few of them have witnessed disappointment after disappointment.

That is because they became fans when the Seahawks started becoming good. They never earned it.

Vikings fans, we deserve a Super Bowl. We have dealt with the talents of Christian Ponder, Tavaris Jackson, Troy Williamson, Donovan McNabb and of course we’ve dealt with the loss of Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Randy Moss.

Seahawks fans (the real ones), you are justified as well. You dealt with many, many years of mediocrity before your team got better.

“Seahawk fans” you are the worst fans in the NFL. You don’t even know who Shaun Alexander or Steve Largent is.

You didn’t suffer like us Vikings fans have. When the Vikings win a Super Bowl, I am certain the same bandwagon jumping will happen here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

For now, though, we remain hopeful while drinking our pain away. Because we are Vikings fans.

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  1. Erik, I think you should reconsider your thoughts on the greatest team ever. The seahawks have a cool name and a better maskot. You are all about the Vikings which doesn’t make sense being your from Washington. You need to get your head on straight and quit dickin’ ’round with the idea that the Vikings are going to get a super bowl in the near future. I mean when Herschel Walker is your best player, as a fan you gotta be wonderin’, “What kind of car should I get?” Then it hits you. You gotta go down town and go to the nearest Suburu dealer (for obvious reasons) and bag you and new Outback. So now your rompin’ round town in your new Suburu listening to an Anthrax CD. You take a left then a right and drive a few miles. After a while you realize your in the country and decide to turn around but then you think, “I could jump this car.” As you accelerate towards a raised train track with the intention of flight your mind starts racing. You jam the peddle down as far as it goes. Brace for the G’s. When you reach the beging of the raised track your new Outback rockets up it in almost no time. The next thing you know you are 15 feet in the air and, with no intention of landing, you keep going all the way to Arizona where you open a leather shop with you and your friends.

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