Who Actually Loses During the Shutdown

It isn’t millionaires or trust fund babies

It is 2019, and insanity has completely set in. President Donald Trump has threatened (at the time of this writing) to declare a national emergency, allowing him, somehow, to bypass democracy and build his wall. According to some studies, nearly 60 percent of Americans oppose the wall.

Forget the debate on the wall for a moment, though. Forget that it would take you 155 years to count out loud to 5 billion. Rather, focus on who this government shutdown is actually affecting.

Is it millionaires? Is it Trump? Is it people who can afford to miss a paycheck?

No, this government shutdown is affecting the normal everyday person who has bills just like you and me. People who can’t just dip into a trust fund. People who do their taxes fairly every year. People that have nothing to hide and get up in the morning to go work for their paychecks. They are the losers of this shutdown.  

Transportation Security Administration employees are calling out sick in record numbers, and airports are closing terminals because of this. National parks are littered and disgusting in some areas, and prison guards are forced to become Uber drivers just to pay their rent. Let me repeat: this is insane.

All the while Trump’s words of encouragement to those who will be going without a paycheck are for landlords to go “nice and easy” on their tenants.

According to this administration, “Nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists” have been arrested crossing the southern border. Of course, we couldn’t expect that to be a real number. In fact, the real number is six. Or roughly, according to this administration’s numbers, to be 0.0015 percent of the terrorists encountered. According to most State Department records, the northern border draws more concern than the southern border.  

That would make some people question why this administration would continue to state that the southern border is our “most vulnerable” point of entry when it is a blatant lie. Stop the madness. Stop the suffering of innocent government workers. End the shutdown.

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