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Value of Student Employment

Working during college does more than keep your loan debt down. Part-time positions can provide students with important skills they can use later in life.

“It is important student employees understand the value in the skills, knowledge and practice they receive in their role and how those attributes will subsequently carry on to whatever career path decided,” Eric Wordlow, president of the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators, said.

“Student employment is evolving into an engaging experience where student employees want to be part of the team and contribute their creativity, skills and thoughts,” Wordlow noted.

Working any part-time job and going to school teaches students the importance of time management. They quickly have to learn how to balance work, school and their personal lives.

Students also learn accountability. They aren’t able to just skip work like they could class. They have to show up on time and answer to a manager.

Part-time employment can also help students grow as leaders and as people.

Speaking from personal experience, I have learned so much in my part-time position on-campus. I have been given opportunities I never would have gotten if I hadn’t worked during college, like heading a committee and getting over my fear of public speaking.

The experience part-time jobs can give students is invaluable, even jobs that may not seem like it. They teach students about the workplace and how it functions, which can be very helpful in future careers.

“As a first-generation college student myself who also worked as a student employee, I look back at my experiences and can solidly attribute my growth, both personally and professionally, to the skills gained and knowledge learned as a student employee,” Wordlow noted.

Part-time positions can also help students develop a career path. Students can apply for a job with a company they hope to work for in the future and develop a relationship.

They can find positions in areas they think they might be interested in or try different areas during college if they aren’t exactly sure what they want to do. Part-time positions can really help students plan for the future and get their foot in the door for their future careers.

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