Review: ‘Unicorn Store’ and the magic of believing in yourself

Netflix Original directed by Brie Larson is a coming of age story covered in glitter

Brie Larson trades a superhero suit for paint splattered overalls in ‘Unicorn Store.’

Few would guess a fantastical tale about an art student and a unicorn would prove so relatable to college students. Yet, this is precisely the case with “Unicorn Store,” which is directed by and stars Brie Larson.

The film opens on family videos of the main character, Kit, at different stages of her life creating art and obsessing over unicorns.

This transitions into Kit as an art student, passionately painting for a critique in one of her college classes. Despite what she feels is a clear vision, her teachers just don’t get it, and she is forced to drop out.

Like so many other college students, Kit returns to her parents’ house to find her childhood room housing exercise equipment instead of her bed. To top it all off, her parents immediately try to set her up with an old classmate, Kevin.

Kit gives up on her dreams and starts a temp job at a public relations company in an effort to move on.

Things are looking pretty dim for the usually colorful Kit, but that is until she gets a series of cryptic cards from “The Store.”

Turns out The Store is more of an adoption agency — for unicorns. The magical equine happen to be a lifelong obsession of Kit, and she can’t wait to get one of her own.

However, the tinsel-haired salesman (Samuel L. Jackson) is very particular about who he gives unicorns to. Kit first has to prove that she can provide the proper environment for her unicorn to thrive.

It is through these series of quests that Kit makes peace with herself and realizes that she shouldn’t be so focused on what people think of her or her work.

With an ending few will see coming, “Unicorn Store” is a great lesson in believing in yourself even when those you look to for approval don’t.

Larson shines in both the lead and directorial roles to bring this magical tale to life.

I never knew I needed a pink suit wearing, tinsel afroed Samuel L. Jackson in my life, but man, I am here for it. His ability to convey both the absurdity of the situation and the seriousness of what his character is asking of Kit makes the role.

Mamoudou Athie of “Patti Cake$” and “The Get Down” fame is perfect in the role of Virgil, the hardware store clerk turned reluctant unicorn stable architect. His quick wit grounds reality, while his loyalty serves as the blind support Kit needs.

At a run time of an hour and a half, “Unicorn Store” is the perfect study break going into dead week.

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