Twice the Music, Twice the Fun


KENSIE WALLNER PHOTOGRAPHY | PHOTO COURTESY University Symphony Orchestra and University Band played back-to-back fantastic music March 2 in Festival Concert Hall.

For the first time, North Dakota State’s University Symphony Orchestra and University Band combined their talents in a single concert performed March 2.

The whole performance was split into two parts, with the symphony orchestra kicking things off and the band ending with a bang.

The symphony orchestra’s first piece opened the show on a nice note, with an intense and unsettling tune that had a perfect amount of drama between the complicated violin runs and gorgeous oboe melodies. The second piece continued the momentum, with beautiful sounding clarinet accenting the strong string section.

The rest of the symphony orchestra’s set was definitely strong, with only consistent problems evident in the upper winds. However, higher pitched instruments can be difficult to handle with extremely fast runs and notes that are extremely difficult to keep in tune.

Once the orchestra finished their exceptional set, the band prepared while the audience had a bit of an intermission. After the break, the fabulous locks of conductor Sigurd Johnson appeared to conduct the majestic opening for the band’s performance.

The band’s initial song was a very strong showing, living up to the good job that the symphony orchestra did.

The next song was a funky, feisty and fun compilation of “West Side Story” tunes. The clarinets were spectacular during “Tonight” and the rest of the band, especially the brass section, brought the right kind of flare to make the collection of songs come to life in Festival Concert Hall.

The rest of the set proved exactly why these NDSU students are still playing music after high school. Gorgeous melodies, sweeping movements and forceful tones excited and comforted the audience. The university band’s hard work definitely showed in all six songs, ending in a way those watching won’t soon forget.

The flutes were one of the biggest winners from the band’s performance, with melodic tones and enough force to tackle the hard parts while not overpowering the rest of the ensemble. The brass was also solid and powerful, albeit timid on some entrances. As always, the percussion added interesting depth to make the pieces really come alive.

The event turnout was reasonable, but so many more students, parents and community members should have attended the wonderful night of music it turned out to be. Despite the slightly disappointing numbers, NDSU music brought out their best.

More concerts for these two groups will be coming soon this spring, giving students more opportunities to enjoy a night listening to music.

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