‘The Surge 2’ brings realism to sci-fi gaming

Hop in an exo-suit and perform brutal melee attacks

Survival depends on how well you modify your exo-rig.

If the need to explore a war-torn city, break the bodies of enemies or tune hi-tech exo-suit hits, “The Surge 2” has your back.

Exo-suits are one of the amazing science fiction concepts humanity has produced, but they are not always geared towards realistic look or functions.

Coming out tomorrow, September 24, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, “The Surge 2” by Deck13, gives you the power of the Exo-Rig, a futuristic, yet realistic, kind of exo-suit.

This realism does not limit the bada– tasks the Exo-Rig can perform. The rig increases the wearer’s strength and mobility and can be easily modified.

“The Surge 2” starts with your plane being shot down by a shadowy storm on the outskirts of Jericho City.

After being in a coma for weeks, you wake up in a detention facility inside the city. Your only option is to survive Jericho. To do so, you must harness the capabilities of an Exo-Rig which happens to be nearby.

It is probably best that this powerful suit is obtained, because fighting military forces, a dangerous cult and rampant nano-machines may require more “oomph” than the standard human can muster.

Hardcore combat

“The Surge 2” has a focus on precise, brutal and gory combat at its heart. Use combos and eighty unique melee weapons, across nine types to bring a swift, bloody end to foes.

On the back of the Exo-Rig is a small drone which can be used as a deadly support tool. The drone can harass and kill enemies with a variety of long-range weapons, bombs and even industrial-grade magnets.

With all this potential death in one machine, does this mean enemies are weaklings? Not in the slightest.

Cleaving for loot

Most games have a player pick up loot off the corpses of the slain, but not in “The Surge 2”. Gaining new loot is a part of the combat and brings another element to the game.

As you are scouting/fighting an enemy, you may see they have a weapon or armor piece that you want. While in combat, you can use the Rig’s built-in limb-targeting system to perform a brutal execution on the targeted extremity. The enemy will be killed, and you get the weapon or armor piece you wanted.

Character upgrades

After taking loot from enemies, you can then put them on or in your Rig to improve it. Along with new weapons and armor are implants and injectables. These will provide passive and active bonuses to the player’s character. They can provide useful effects such as the ability to slow down time or predict an enemy’s attack.

Tuning the rig to fit your playstyle is an integral part of the combat and exploration of “The Surge 2”.

You can make the Rig what you want. You can make it fast, strong, agile, durable, efficient or a combination of different abilities to make it the most dangerous rig in Jericho City.

“The Surge 2” is coming out tomorrow, September 24, on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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