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The other ‘S’ word

Sex shouldn’t be a bad word

No more staying hush-hush on the rumpy-pumpy.

When you hear the word sex, what other words do you think of? Maybe words like whore, dirty, slut, addiction, shame or STDs come to mind. Most often the types of words associated with sex reflect a negative stigma in society towards the concept. Whether it be for religious reasons or because of the way we were raised, many of us have been taught from a young age that sex is a taboo topic.

However, sex is a natural part of life. No matter when you believe sex should happen, you must understand that making it off-limits and a hushed topic causes issues. Viewing it as unacceptable can make it harder for people to talk about it, especially when it is important, such as when speaking with a doctor or a sexual partner.

It is very common for individuals to feel uncomfortable going to the doctor for something sex-related, even when it is clear something is not right. The embarrassment they feel can often be attributed to being taught that talking about sex and related topics is unacceptable. This can lead to greater health risks as people may never feel comfortable enough to get the help they need.

The stigma surrounding intercourse can also make its way into the bedroom. If someone is not comfortable with their sexuality as a result of society telling them not to be, it can be difficult for them to be clear with a partner about what they want and expect. This inability can often lead to many unpleasant outcomes during sexual encounters that could easily be avoided if only people were more open about sex.

Also at play is the argument that being told not to do something only makes you want to do it more, which is often the case with teenagers. Many students are taught the abstinence-only method in school. Thus, when they inevitably decide to be risky, they have unsafe sex as a result of their limited education.

Instead of teaching students that sex is wrong (which it isn’t), schools should be teaching students how to be safe if and when they choose to engage in sex. Our society as a whole should stop viewing sex as a horrible, disgusting thing and instead should become more open and educated towards it. Open attitudes will only prevent negative experiences and misunderstandings from happening.

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