green and gold game

Top Takeaways From Green and Gold Spring Game

green and gold game
Redshirt Freshman James Hendricks from Laporte, Minn., gets ready to throw the ball.

Carson Wentz wasn’t even playing in Saturday’s Green and Gold spring game, yet he was part of the talk Saturday at Gate City Bank Field.

After the 2015 team was given their national championship rings, the PA announcer announced Wentz would be calling the offensive plays for the spring game.

“He had fun,” head coach Chris Klieman said about Wentz being back inside the Fargodome. “It’s kind of fun to have him for an hour and a half … and have fun and be around his guys and make some calls, and I think he really enjoyed that.”

But the day wasn’t for the future first round NFL draft pick; it was for the 2016 green and gold squad.

The defensive green squad beat the golden offense team 18-16 in the modified scrimmage.

Field Goal Kicking 

Though he didn’t get to play, Wentz called offensive plays.

Not one field goal was missed from sophomores Cam Pedersen and Ian Gallagher. The two of them went 5-for-5 in the first half of the modified scrimmage. Pedersen hit a 50-yard field goal towards the end of the scrimmage and went 3-for-3 in the second half.

Pedersen made five field goals that were 40-yards plus. This was a good sign considering Pedersen only connected on 57 percent of his field goals last season.


The spring game is just to give the fans a look at how the team has been developing over the spring. The first season of the game is still very fair out there. However, punting will need to be worked on heavily.

Gallagher punted the football nine times. The first punt was dropped by the punter, second was nothing short than junky, the third was drilled, the fourth was dropped, the fifth was dropped as it hit Gallagher in the chest, the sixth punt was decent, the seventh and eighth were the money punts, the ninth punt was high and short.

“Ian struggled today, but he’s had a really good spring,” Klieman said. “He’s really punted the ball extremely well all throughout the spring, and he feels bad about not being able to catch the ball. We will work on that.”


It was just a random Saturday in April right? Wrong. There were Bison fans tailgating; the parking lots were pretty close to being full and inside the Fargodome cheers were being practiced.

And about 5,000 fans came to watch the Bison at Gate City Bank Field.

Wide Out 

Two names the Fargodome PA announcer caled often were Dallas Freeman and Dimitri Williams, two wide receivers that stepped up in the spring game. Freeman, a 6-foot-0 sophomore caught an eight-yard touchdown pass and even blew by a few of his defenders pretty quickly with that first step. Williams, a 5-foot-11 sophomore also hauled in an eight-yard touchdown pass. Williams finished with four catches for 72 yards that led all receivers.

“I’ve been impressed with Dallas,” Klieman said. “The big thing for Dallas is try and remain consistent … with catching the ball, with running routes and those things.”


There were six sacks by the green team (defense) on Saturday. Junior defensive end Greg Menard finished with two sacks while juniors Kurt Mattox and Jarrod Tuszka each recorded one sack. On the second drive of the game Mattox and Tuszka went back-to-back on sacks giving the green team a 10-1 lead. Mattox also finished with five tackles.

“Not waiting for someone to make a play we got to be the group that gets everyone going,” Menard said about the defensive line.

Klieman summed up Saturday by reminding BisoNation that fall is a ways away.

“We’re a work in progress,” Klieman said. “We’re a long ways away from being ready to play at the end of August, but I like where we are at heading into the summer.”

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