A Sorrow-Filled Goodbye and a Bitter Hello


After eight years of wonderfully diverse service to our country, Barack Obama said his farewells this past Tuesday.

We have now all had a few months to begin digesting the future that America holds. With a new president and shift in the political party we, as Americans, are in for a major change.

Although there were many doubts throughout the country as Obama stepped into office, there was a large shift in energy.

The election of a black man for president was an extremely prominent leap in the right direction. As a nation filled with many freedoms, diversity is something that must be recognized and attainable in positions of power. President Obama made this visible.

Obama created a bond with the American people that will never be broken.

He will be missed for not only his successes related to political change, but also his sincerity when addressing the nation as an all-inclusive leader. His passion for creating a more accepting and diverse nation was obvious from the moment he took office.

It is hard to ignore hateful words and slander when they fill social media regarding politics.

Many of these hateful words coming from Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

Trump is a man who will verbally attack someone in order to make himself feel more powerful, a man who belittles women and bases their successes solely on looks and has continuous meltdowns on Twitter like he is a 12-year-old girl who just got her heart broken.

And a large majority of his socially representative supporters aren’t much better.

Tomi Lahren, for example, does political rants on TheBlaze, but can’t ever seem to address the opposing political parties with any sort of equality. The use of name-calling, extreme white privilege and a lot of hand gestures make for a cringe-worthy video covering current “political” topics.

“It is sad to know that someone who can cause such hate and fear throughout a country will be running it in a short amount of days,” an NDSU student who wished to stay anonymous said when discussing the upcoming inauguration in regards to current events.

What happens when something negative is said by another country’s leader involving his work done in the office. Will we be safe, or will negative words spewed by our president cause us harm because he can’t keep his temper in check?

All in all, the strewn hate shown by Trump compared to the love and connectivity shown by Obama and his family is a disappointing change within this nation’s great office.

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