Saddle and Sirloin Sells Turkeys

Saddle and Sirloin’s annual turkey sales took place throughout the month of October.

Now, as Thanksgiving approaches, the club is ready to begin the distribution of the turkeys.

The fundraiser, which has occurred for over 10 years, will benefit the club’s various actives.

Members of Saddle and Sirloin sold the birds for $30 each. Each turkey weighs between 10 and 14 pounds, is vacuum packed and ready to be frozen or cooked.

Saddle and Sirloin received its turkeys from Costco and Quality Meats in West Fargo.

Buyers are able to pick up their pre-ordered turkeys from Shepperd Arena between Monday and Wednesday.

Members will also deliver turkeys throughout the week.

Travis Binde, a chair on the turkey sales committee and member of Saddle and Sirloin, said the fundraiser’s purpose was to raise money for the club and its various activities and events.

One event the fundraiser helps support is the annual Little International Livestock show, organized by Saddle and Sirloin.

Additionally, the fundraiser helps members with costs of attending the National Block and Bridle Convention during the spring.

Group members going to the event who sold a minimum of 30 turkeys and assisted in turkey processing would have their travel costs and conference fees paid.

The convention provides attendees with opportunities to explore the sector of animal agriculture through tours and seminars on ranch and agriculture-related businesses.

This year’s convention will be held in Arlington, Virginia.

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