Review: ‘Logan’ Adds Science Fiction to Superhero Genre

Wolverine makes a comeback in “Logan,” an addition to the X-Men Series as well as the Wolverine movies.

In addition to the original X-Men films, there have also been a series specifically about one X-Men, Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman.

“Logan” is meant to serve as a third entry in the Wolverine series of films, and follows Wolverine (whose real name is James “Logan” Howlett) as he works as a daytime chauffeur in Texas while caring for Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) at an abandoned smelting plant in Mexico alongside Caliban (Stephen Merchant).

Logan must only become Wolverine when drifters are attacking his limo or there are dangerous people getting near his smelting plant home, which is a rarity since it is out in the middle of the desert.

But everything changes one day when Logan is found by a woman on one of his runs. What he doesn’t realize is this woman works for Transgien, a clinic working on producing multiple children with powers like the X-Men, calling them “mutants.”

One of them, Laura, is an 11-year-old girl with claws that can sink deep into skin like Wolverine’s metal claws. The woman asks Wolverine to take Laura to a mutant sanctuary, called “Eden,” in North Dakota.

Initially, he refuses. But when everything and everyone near and dear to him are put at stake due to Laura’s being wanted by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook), a chief of cyber-security for Transgien, and his henchmen, Wolverine must take to the road and get Laura to safety before it’s too late.

Believe it or not, this is the first X-Men film I’ve seen. Honestly, when I was invited to go, I had no idea that it was a superhero film. The fact of the matter is it doesn’t even serve as a superhero film, rather a sci-fi disaster film where a lot of people die and some crazy stuff goes on.

“Logan” reminds me more of films like “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and “Babylon A.D.,” rather than “Deadpool” and “Superman Returns.”  To me, Wolverine’s touting as a mutant, along with the rest of the children who went through the massive factory program that is Transgien, makes me think science fiction.

I was impressed with the storytelling of this film. In some movies, the plot is too basic or formulaic. “Logan” doesn’t do that, which makes it all the better.

One cautiously added note would be things do get a little predictable at times. There were several moments throughout the film where I knew someone was about to die, something was about to explode or the scene was about to change.  Predictability gets old after a while and I wouldn’t have minded a few different surprises in this film.

All of the actors played their roles convincingly well, the soundtrack was amazing and the special effects were fantastic.  Everything, minus the predictability, made this film a treat to watch. The cast and crew are to be applauded for the job they did.  I really wish there were more superhero films like this where we also observe a science fiction aspect and even add in a bit of thriller.

“Logan” is still in theaters at press time. 

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