Review: Kid Cudi stuns on the long-awaited conclusion to his ‘Man On The Moon’ trilogy

‘Man On The Moon III: The Chosen’ comes over 10 years after the second installment

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The new album is the artist’s first solo project in four years.

If any Kid Cudi enthusiast were to be told a few years ago that a third installment would eventually arrive to conclude the critically acclaimed “Man On The Moon” series, most would have blatantly laughed and mocked the person for thinking it was still possible.

In 2016, Kid Cudi publicly stated that he’s since moved on from the series to focus on other projects, as he’s outgrown the series that began with his debut album, ‘Man On The Moon: The End of Day’.

Over his career, Cudi has explored various forms of rap, alternative rock, and psychedelic soul in different forms. Four years after his last solo album, ‘Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’’, Scott Mescudi has returned to his original form of emotional, psychedelic rap on ‘Man On The Moon III: The Chosen’.

After over a decade of slowly building anticipation, it appears that Cudi has exceeded fans’ expectations with a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. The project explores Cudi’s mental headspace and what he has managed to overcome over recent years, including his personal experiences with anxiety, fear, and checking into a rehab center for “depression and suicidal urges”.

While this may sound grim, the album is far from it. The project follows Cudi’s journey on the path to a brighter future filled with peace and self-love. After publicly stating a consideration of early retirement, Cudi has walked back on those thoughts after a resurgence of creativity. The artist is set to release two more albums next year, a solo project titled ‘Entergalactic’, as well as a joint album with Travis Scott titled ‘THE SCOTTS’.

Over the album’s lengthy 18 tracks, Cudi collaborates with a slew of artists from a younger generation, including Trippie Redd, Phoebe Bridgers, and the late Pop Smoke. Standout tracks include the upbeat “Tequila Shots”, Skepta-collaboration “Show Out”, as well as one of many emotional peaks, “The Void”.

Many feared for Cudi’s mental health and safety over recent years. If there’s one thing that fans can take away from this trilogy’s conclusion, it’s that he’s never been better. The beauty in this album is that ‘Man On The Moon III: The Chosen’ represents something different to every listener. As each faces unique, personal demons, Cudi is here to show them that they can overcome their internal battles and come out better on the other side.

Review: 4.5/5

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