Reopen for Business?

President Donald Trump temporarily reopens the government to negotiate

On Friday, Jan. 25, President Donald Trump announced he would temporarily reopen the government to negotiate money requested for his border wall.

The Washington Post called this a “huge victory for Democrats.”

However, if the three-week opening of the government does not result in what Trump is calling a “fair agreement,” then a national state of emergency may be declared. The deadline for such is Feb. 15.

While Trump still wants his wall, it would appear that he will settle for some version of a physical barrier.

This shutdown has been the longest federal shutdown on record, ending on day 35. Federal employees have missed a second paycheck since the start of the shutdown.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., expressed that Democrats were willing to give President Trump the monetary funds, but said funding will not be going toward a wall.

Over the last three months, approval ratings for the president have dropped significantly, the Washington Post has reported.

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