Red Fang and Brütälür Bring Hard Rock, Metal to Aquarium

The walls of the Aquarium shuddered with the sounds of no-holds-barred rock ‘n’ roll and the roar of satisfied fans on the evening of Saturday, Feb. 10.

There is no doubt Red Fang is a Fargo-Moorhead favorite, as the line into the Aquarium stretched down the stairs soon after opening.

Local punk metal group Brütälür warmed up the crowd with their raunchy brand of metal and witty banter between songs. After jumping on stage, lead singer Jarret Vossler yelled, “All right, let’s wrap this up. I’ve got cats to feed at home,” kicking off their explosive set.

With songs ranging in subject matter from the suicide of a strung-out stripper to love for a transsexual woman, Vossler tore through track after track with growling vocals from the deepest pits of Hell. Paired with bass player Andy Hansen’s screeching Black Francis-esque vocal additions, the punk influence is keenly felt. The band is rounded out by guitarists Nate Pehler and Dustin DeTar shredding the strings and drummer Dave Johnson beating the skins into submission with heavy cymbal use. The group closed out their set with a cover of GG Allin’s “Drink, Fight and F—.”

Brütälür is set to release their first album and split EP in the next couple months as fans eagerly await its completion.

There was just enough time for refreshment before Red Fang took the stage. The band played a set spanning all four albums that showcased their brand of stoner-infused hard rock, including hits such as “Blood Like Cream” off their third album, “Whales and Leeches.” The audience’s enjoyment was clearly visible, as a boisterous mosh pit soon formed. The solid classic rock tinged rhythm of guitarists Bryan Giles and David Sullivan and John Sherman’s drums made it easy to mosh to.

Moods were light during the set with amused vocalist and bass player Aaron Beam ensuring a member of the mosh pit had found their glasses. The band and audience laughed and applauded when it was confirmed the reveler had regained possession of their specs.

Before their final song of the evening, Red Fang’s members took out their phones to catalog the experience. They also admitted they were trying to trick the audience with the act. Beam reassured the audience there was more to come, receiving cheers from the crowd for stating, “I bet you thought we were done, didn’t you? But we are planning on hardly being able to walk out of here. So we’ve got a few more for you if that’s all right.”

A great night of great music, there is no doubt the F-M area eagerly awaits the Portland rock band’s return.

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