Random acts of kindness may just make you a more content and joyful person

Do one kind thing for yourself a day; do one kind thing for a stranger, loved one or friend

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Buying someone a coffee can bring a lot of happiness.

I have a challenge for you. Maybe a challenge that could change your life:  Do one kind thing for yourself a day. Do one kind thing for a stranger, a loved one or a friend each day.  

Simple acts of kindness go a long way.  

I remember in elementary school we had a week that was called, “Random Acts of Kindness Week.” I thought it was so weird that we had a special week at school to spread random kindness. But now, I look back on it and think of the impacts we have made through random acts of kindness.

You never know when someone needs a hug, a simple smile or a coffee. You may even just compliment someone’s outfit and it will make their entire day.  

I believe small acts of being kind could change someone’s life.  

I have had family and friends surprise me in the simplest ways.  

One day at college, I checked my mailbox and received a hand-written letter from a friend from home. This friend told me that she was proud of me, she missed me, as well as some of the traits she loved about me. She inspired me and left me in awe. She added at the end that I should say yes to spontaneous adventures, late nights and anything that will give me lasting memories.  

My grandma-God Bless her heart, I love her so dearly. Since being at college, she has sent me weekly letters to inform me of how she is doing and what is going on at home. I’m not going to lie, I find out everything that is going on back home from her. She always adds an inspirational quote to the letter as well. I will forever cherish her simple act of kindness by sending me letters every week.  

It’s not just the receiver who will feel good for doing random things for a friend or a stranger. You will feel extravagantly happier after you help someone out, whether it is buying them a coffee, sending a letter or giving a friend a hug. (We all need hugs more than you may think.) 

If you did one kind thing a day for a stranger, family member or friend, do you think your life would be different? Do you think you could possibly make a new friend? Or maybe have a more positive outlook on life? You might just feel like a happier person. 

Where could you start? What relationships in your life do you want to mend? Who do you want to grow closer with? Who do you think needs a little pick-me-up? Is there someone in your life today that needs a hug?  

There are simple ways that you can make someone’s day. You can ask a friend out for coffee. Send a loved one a card. Write a note to someone who needs a little encouragement. Send your grandma flowers (I promise she will love them).  

To make a stranger’s day hold the door open for them. Tell them to have a nice day. Pay for the food or coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Leave a good tip. Ask someone if they need help. 

For me, by doing one small, simple act of kindness each day, I feel much more content. I can feel the joy from within coming from me helping other people. If you do one random act of kindness every day, I think you could be a whole lot more joyful and content. 

Are you harsh on yourself? Are you tired all the time? Try being kinder to yourself. Stop running 24/7. If you are too mentally and physically tired to go to the gym, maybe take a day off. By taking a little time for yourself, such as getting your nails done, taking a nap or just relaxing, you are more likely to feel refreshed. 

My challenge for you: try to do one random act of kindness for a friend, family member or stranger. Along with doing one kind thing for yourself each day. If I can complete this challenge, you can too. The world needs more kindness, let’s start with us on campus. Let’s be better for our community and our world. 

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