A Playlist for That Chill in the Air

Over the past week rain and clouded skies have led to a welcome chill in the air. Before we know it the leaves will change, and we will begin our seasonal lives in sweaters and flannels. (I can’t wait.) To help get you in the mood for the season, I have created a fall playlist complete with old and new favorites.

‘Gouge Away’ – Pixies

The music of the Pixies is often indescribable. The band’s bizarre lyrics and feverish instrumentation can turn them off to some. The ’80s punk/folk group (if you can even go so far as to assign a genre) is surprisingly good at slow folksy tunes. While “Gouge Away” is likely to concern and bewilder listeners lyrically, the dynamics between the bass heavy verses and whisper vocals will draw them in. One of the heavier songs on this playlist, it pairs well with dark rainy days.

‘Bastardizer’ – Foxing

Off of the band’s latest album released Aug. 10, “Bastardizer” shows an updated sound from Foxing. The song utilizes clean reverb guitar riffs like ripples in water and vocals that reserve their impassioned rasp for the climax. Complete with bagpipes, this song is perfect for melancholic afternoons spent watching the leaves fall.

‘I Know How To Speak (Acoustic Version)’ – Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra’s original electric version of this song is also amazing, don’t get me wrong, but the acoustic version is that much more delicate and raw. The sweet melody of picked guitar and low comforting humming that replaces the bass of the electric version wrap you in a warm blanket. Paired with the haunting warmth of the vocals, this song is destined to warm your heart.

‘Waiting Around To Die’ – Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt has no connection to the Van Zants of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame and has very little in common with the Southern rockers. Instead, Van Zandt was known for his honest reflective folk and blues. A song about making changes when life goes wrong, “Waiting Around To Die” vocalizes the meanderings of life. We just make decisions with the hope of making a better life, rather than based on hard facts. One of multiple Townes Van Zandt songs on this playlist, I think you will find his brand of folk to be the perfect mate to sweater weather and a hot cup of coffee.

To explore these tracks and more, find the NDSU Fall 2018 playlist on Spotify.

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