Pinterest Interest | How to Survive These Stressful Weeks

It’s that time of year again: everyone is back from Thanksgiving break and have come to the sad realization that there are still three weeks left of school (including finals week).

This is one of the hardest parts of the year for students because it is essentially the sprint to the finish line when all you want to do is lie in your warm bed. People always talk about how to start your semester off right, but we are well past that now. Now we need the tips on how to survive the next couple weeks and how to somehow save what remains of your GPA.

Here are a couple tips from Pinterest that may help you keep going until winter break finally arrives.


This is usually a beginning of the semester tip, but then that never happened, so now your bookbag is filled with random sheets of paper, crumpled up worksheets and that pen at the bottom that you’ve been looking for since September.

Now that you’re in crunch time, you need to set aside time to organize each class you are taking so you can find those notes you need for the final. Plus, studying in an organized area, whether you’re the tidy type or not, is satisfying and more productive.

Check Blackboard and the syllabus

Remember syllabus week? That’s going to come in handy now. The syllabus has everything you need to know right now, from extra credit opportunities to whether you can redo an assignment.

Check to make sure you have turned in each assignment. If you haven’t, contact your professor because you may have an opportunity to make that up and increase your grade.

Ask for help

Although professors don’t want constant emails of how to increase your grade, they do want to help. It can be scary to go to their office hours and ask for help, but it could also be worth it. Take a chance and go talk to your professor about your grade.

Focus on the worst

This doesn’t mean focus on the worst aspect of your life, but rather focus on your worst grade. Figure out which class you are struggling most in and put more effort into that one. Prioritize each class from worst grade to best. If you already have a good grade in one class, do not forget about it or not study for it; just focus more on the others.

Create a countdown

The next three weeks will feel like forever, but they will also be over very quickly. By creating a countdown, you are able to see how much longer you have to work and study until your last final is over.

Sleep, nap and do it over again

During this time of year all-nighters become more prominent than ever. Students think that if they stay up all night they can finish more or study more. But your brain needs time to calm down, and sleeping is the best way to do that.

Get enough rest, and if you are still tired, nap in between studying.


With the Thanksgiving break, many students were able to finally get a taste of relaxation and not stress over schoolwork, but now they are back in the fast-paced world of college again. Regaining that motivation is difficult, so find something that keeps you in check for what you need to do.

Remember that the next couple weeks are crucial to your final grade in classes. Of course, that fact is the one thing stressing students out the most, but it is something that will get you to refocus into the flow of studying.

Calm down

This is the most frustrating tip out of them all, but it is true. Being overwhelmed is normal during this time of year.

To truly get through the next couple of weeks, being calm and treating yourself will get you through. Find the one thing that calms you and set aside a couple hours every day, so you do not end up throwing your textbook out a window.

Following at least a couple of these tips could help your grade or mental health over these stressful weeks. Good luck and prepare for the chaos known as dead week.

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