Paying it forward

Simple ways to give back this holiday season

Spread the holiday cheer by volunteering.

Just because we will be having a break from school doesn’t mean that we have to take a break from giving back to the community. As you are enjoying your time off, here are some ways you can help others.

Donate some change

I’m sure everyone knows about the Red Cross kettles located across the city and outside of grocery stores accepting change as the tingling bells always ring in the giving of the season. According to the Salvation Army, the tradition of the red kettle started in 1891 when Army Captain, Joseph McFee, wanted to provide a Christmas dinner for the poor in San Francisco. Since then the tradition has spread throughout the country and across the world and is a great way to donate some money, even spare change, to go towards a greater cause.

Toys for Tots

Anyone wanting to donate more than cash can participate in Toys for Tots. The program was started by the United States Marine Corps Reserve in the late 1940s and has helped children throughout the country receive a gift for the holidays when their families weren’t able to afford to buy presents. In 2018, the Fargo Toys for Tots was able to distribute 5,145 toys to children around the community. If you looking for a place to donate a toy, check out the Toys for Tots website and search the town you’re in for donation locations.

Volunteer at a food bank

Another opportunity to volunteer is at a food bank or soup kitchen. As many volunteer over Thanksgiving, the holiday season is a perfect time to provide someone with a meal. One can find food pantries and soup kitchens all over the country and most of the time they are in need of volunteers. Some places to volunteer in Fargo include the Great Plains Food Bank, the Emergency Food Pantry and the local Salvation Army. If you don’t have the time to volunteer, giving a donation also helps.

Deliver a meal

Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to the homes of senior citizens and individuals with disabilities throughout local communities. The program was started in 1954 and has helped feed 2.4 million Americans according to the Meals on Wheels America website. Volunteers are able to deliver meals to their neighbors and support them to extend their independence and health.

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