Not your mom’s waffles

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar disappoints

The Black Coffee and Waffle Bar should invest in cooking lessons.

Customers are met with overpriced and underwhelming food at Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, one of the most recent additions to downtown Fargo’s food scene. The waffles range from $8.75 – $9.75 with an additional $2 extra if seeking the gluten-free option.  

A modern and bright space invites the customer in with the opportunity to play board games while hungrily waiting for the waffles being made. Giving at what first seems to be a great first impression. But, in all honesty, a waffle made from store-bought mix found at the local grocery store would taste better than this restaurant.  

After ordering the S’ mores waffle and taking a seat we were met with mouth-watering thoughts of melted marshmallow fluff and chocolate, dripping down the sides. At a price of $8.75, one could only hope.  

Sadly, the thoughts of what our waffle would be came crashing down when the food was simultaneously laid down in front of us (with a more than average wait time I may add). 

Instead of it being topped with melted marshmallow and chocolate we were met with what looked and tasted like Hershey’s chocolate sauce, store-bought mini marshmallows, and a slight dusting of graham crackers scattered across the top. The flavor of the waffle was bland as well, with no distinct flavor. We left with our heads hung low, happy to fill our stomachs but not nearly as happy with the choice of restaurant.  

Perhaps, Black Coffee and Waffle Bar could benefit from spending less money on stocking their shelves with t-shirts and more on their actual recipes. My one piece of advice for them is they would greatly benefit by taking a cooking class from our parents.

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