Netflix Palate Cleansers

Brittany Hofmann | The Spectrum
Dogs are the best pick-me-up.

Finals week looms upon North Dakota State. The library has become your new home. Studying has become your full-time job that unfortunately doesn’t pay.

It’s time to give yourself a break. Sit down, cozy up, pour yourself a drink (wink-wink) and boot up the ol’ Netflix.


Netflix recently released a docu-series that features the blessed emotional bond we have with man’s best friend. The series focuses on six different stories between a dog and their caregiver.

“Dogs” brings a new perspective to the impact our four-legged friends have on our lives and is a must-watch for dog-lovers.

I can’t guarantee this six-episode series won’t bring you to tears, but maybe you need that.

This series confirms that we truly don’t deserve dogs.

‘Planet Earth’ and Planet Earth II’

The “Planet Earth” series brings to light a whole new perspective on the beautiful planet we live on.

Listening to David Attenborough narrate the breathtaking cinematography captured in “Planet Earth” is cathartic and will help take your mind off of final exams and term papers for awhile.

‘Precious Puppies’

Need I say more?

’72 Cutest Animals’

This Netflix series focuses on cute animals and the environment in which they live and thrive in.

Through all the studying, don’t forget to make time for yourselves.

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