Interview: NDSU Ceramics Club member Tom Schwartz

‘Better to try it and not be interested than to never know’

The NDSU Ceramics Club is open to anyone regardless of major or experience.

Some students may be unaware of NDSU’s Ceramics department, let alone the Ceramics Club and that both are open to students regardless of major.

“I do think people are aware, but I do not think that too many people actually look into it.” said Ceramics Club member Tom Schwartz.

Schwartz explained that the club gives members the opportunity to sell their ceramic work such as, “a variety of pots, ranging from flower pots to platters to mugs.”

The NDSU Ceramics Club also runs educational events throughout the year for those interested in ceramics.

If you have ever been interested in ceramics, Schwartz encourages you to check out the club, “Any students are welcome to try ceramics at ceramics club, better to try it and not be interested than to never know.”

You can find the NDSU Ceramics Club on My NDSU, or stop into Renaissance Hall and talk to one of the ceramics instructors for more information.

Member profile

Laura Ellen Brandjord (LEB): What got you interested in ceramics?

Tom Schwartz (TS): highschool pottery class with a very fun teacher. (He) made everything interesting and encouraged us to push the envelope.

LEB: Ceramics is often seen as relaxing and possibly even easy. Do you find this to be correct or do you think it is harder than you originally thought? 

TS: It is a lot harder than people think, the relaxing part of it does not come into play until one practices for awhile.

LEB: How would you describe your style of pottery?

TS: My style would be humanistic, functional and simple, I do not use a lot of designs of textures on my pots.

LEB: Do you have a favorite ceramics method (coil, thrown, hand building, mold, etc)? Why?

TS: Throwing because I feel like that is the best way to make functional pottery.

LEB: A least favorite? Why?

TS: I do not like hand building, mostly because I would rather be throwing.

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