NDSU announces new athletics major

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
Athletes pictured celebrating the news of this new degree.

Student-athletes can now focus on what’s really important

NDSU has taken the term “student-athlete” to the next level. The university has decided to institute an “athletics major” or degree for student-athletes that just want to come to the school to play sports.

This could be seen as a necessary move, as everyone knows that NDSU is a football school. Allowing their student athletes to take this route makes NDSU more competitive for high-end talent.

Everyone knows that big football schools such as Alabama, don’t require their players to go to class so that they can focus on football 24/7. NDSU has simply leveled the playing field, putting them in the market for more blue-chip prospects.

If every other big-time college is doing it, why shouldn’t the Bison follow suit? It can only be beneficial and is the next step to NDSU putting its stamp on the college football world.

It has already been proven that the Bison can produce NFL-caliber talent like no other team in the FCS. After this year’s NFL draft, don’t be surprised if NDSU is coined “QBU” by NFL analysts. The Bison will have three active quarterbacks in the league, with two of them being first-round and likely top 10 picks.

What better selling point for your school if you are recruiting one of the top players in the nation than an “athletics major” and a great opportunity to get to the league. This, of course, goes without saying, it will also include at least one national championship ring along the way.

Another reason why this is a great decision is because it completely disrespects the NCAA’s “amateurism” clause. The “amateurism” clause is the main reason why student-athletes can’t be compensated or make money off their own name and likeness.

The clause explicitly states that the athletes are students first, and athletes second. They also view the participation of college athletics as a hobby. So, using the “athletics major” for your degree fulfills your duties as a student while allowing you to do what you really came to college for.

Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones said it best, “We ain’t come to play school.”

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