Making Celebrations Great Again

The NFL is under a lot of controversies these days, but don’t let that distract you from what is actually happening during the game — the touchdown celebrations, which are far more important.

The NFL used to be the “No Fun League.” This season it is allowing the players to use the ball as a prop, go to the ground and have group celebrations.

Still not allowed, however, are dunking the ball through the goal post (sorry Jimmy Graham), sexual suggestive acts (even doing two pumps instead of three like Hingle McCringleberry is also not allowed) and violent imagery. Josh Norman and Brandon Cooks are hopeful that mimicking shooting a bow and arrow will be allowed in the future, but for now, it is still illegal.

I enjoy a good touchdown celebration, so I’m going to give you my top celebrations of the year so far. There have been a lot of good ones, so I apologize in advance if I miss one of yours. I would like to talk about all of them; I just cannot get them all in one article.

1. Duck, Duck, Gray Duck

Yes, this is what it is called. In week five, during a Monday Night Football game, Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph scored, and the rest of the offense gathered in a circle and played Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. Stefon Diggs looked like he never played before, as he got in the way of Pat Elflein, who was chasing Rudolph. The best part was how the internet blew up and everyone is getting into an argument over it. Even Diggs and Adam Thielen were even discussing it in the locker room after the game.

2. Dinger

In week five, the Eagles had a celebration that I am sure Philadelphia native Mike Trout would be proud of. After a Torrey Smith score, the team pulled off a great home run celebration. With Smith up to bat, he knocked a pitch from Nelson Agholor out of the park. Alshon Jeffery took the role of the catcher as Carson Wentz was the umpire. Not sure really what LeGarrette Blount and Zach Ertz were doing. They were just sort of there.

3. Nap time

In week two, Kareem Hunt decided he was tired and took a nap. After he scored his second touchdown of the game, Hunt must have been tired. He used the ball as a pillow and caught some Zs. The best part of this was he used the ball as a prop and went to the ground. A two-for-one.

4. JuJu Smith-Schuster

The youngest player in the NFL has had two great touchdown celebrations. He had one in week four with a Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha. Need I say more? The best part was on the small boards that go around the stadium, as they showed a flame as he shot the ball forward. The little thing that lines up perfectly that was not meant to happen.

His second great celebration was this past week where he played hide-and-seek with teammate LeVeon Bell. After his score, Smith-Schuster started counting and Bell went and hid behind the goal post. Smith-Schuster started chasing after Bell like a little school kid at recess.

Smith-Schuster would later tweet thanking the NFL for allowing them to be able to have lit celebrations.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Diggs doing a Randy Moss celebration on the night Moss was inducted into the Vikings Ring of Honor. Also, punting the ball on his second score and almost taking the ball boy’s head off.
  2. OBJ doing CPR on the ball.
  3. Jadeveon Clowney doing the Gronk Spike against the Patriots.
  4. Green Bay bobsled team.
  5. Dalvin Cook cooking.
  6. Taylor Gabriel and Julio Jones relay team.
  7. Bills playing video games.
  8. Taco Charlton making tacos.
  9. Robby Anderson sitting in an empty seat.
  10. Kenny Stills doing the LT against the Chargers.

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