Keepin’ it Classic

INSOMNIA CURED HERE Flickr | Alfred Hitchcock's suspenseful thriller, "Dial M for Murder," will be shown at the Fargo Theatre Jan. 12
INSOMNIA CURED HERE | Flickr              Alfred Hitchcock’s suspenseful thriller, ‘Dial M for Murder,’ will be shown at the Fargo Theatre Jan. 12

The Fargo Theatre is known for showing indie films and limited release movies, along with classics we all know and love. From now until February, the hometown theater will be showing movies to take us back.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

October 28

The Fargo Theatre always shows the cult classic around Halloween, and this year is no different.

The story follows Brad and Janet, a young couple who get stranded on the side of the road and seek help at a nearby castle. At this castle, the couple meets a wide variety of eccentric characters at an annual convention, along with their leader, Dr. Frank N. Furter.

This wacky film has memorable songs, fun characters and unforgettable lines. The whole experience is enhanced at the Fargo Theatre, where audience members dress up, shout lines at the screen and carry props.

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”

November 10

This adaptation of the book under the same name originally came out over 40 years ago. Most of us already know the story: five children and their guardians receive golden tickets that allow them to tour the mysterious and magical Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. However, all of the kids — save the protagonist, Charlie — are awful children who get incapacitated throughout the factory tour.

A whimsical story mixed with fun songs sung by Oompa Loompas makes this an understandable classic showing in November.

“White Christmas”

December 8

The unforgettable musical tale comes to the Fargo Theatre in early December, bringing a romantic musical comedy.

The film follows two entertainers in the army who become successful producers after the end of World War II. Eventually, the two find love and attempt to save a failing inn run by their old commanding officer. This movie is perfect to watch while snuggling up during the December month.

“Dial M for Murder”

January 12

Love, betrayal and murder coalesce into one movie where a husband tries to murder his wife for her affair.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this movie is one of the most famous detective films, and held as one of the greatest 3D films to date. When Tony discovers that his wife, Margot, had an affair, he blackmails a hitman into killing her. Unfortunately for Tony, his plan goes awry when Margot kills the hitman in a twist of fate. Every minute of the film keeps the audience questioning what’s going to happen next.

“Groundhog Day”

February 2

This comedy keeps the audience laughing on repeat.

Bill Murray plays Phil, a man who repeats Groundhog Day several times over. Phil is a reporter covering the Groundhog Day festivities in the small town Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Much to his chagrin, Phil is stuck in a seemingly endless time loop that will never end no matter how hard he tries to break the cycle. Phil deals with his situation in various ways, and eventually finds love that makes the endless day bearable.

This year, the Fargo Theatre will host the movie on its respective day: Groundhog Day.

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