It’s Christmas time

Although it’s not yet Thanksgiving, I think it’s time to put up the Christmas tree

Michael Pardo, Wikimedia Commons | Photo Courtesy
Putting the Christmas tree up right after Halloween, might keep you in good spirits.

Some might wonder whether Christmas starts before or after Thanksgiving. For me, I think Christmas should start before Thanksgiving.

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to break out the Christmas decorations, light the holiday candles and do anything you can that will get you in the holiday spirit. It’s starting to get cold outside and one way to make it through the harsh winter is the holidays. The holidays should start on Nov. 1, stop one day for Thanksgiving and then it’s back to Christmas mode. 

Thanksgiving is great. But now I think it is time to get in the Christmas season spirit. With it being cold outside, we all need a little joy when we walk into our houses or dorms. This could be from the smell of Christmas candles or cookies, the Christmas tree in front of the window or even going out and buying gifts for family and friends.  There are so many ways we can start feeling jolly, even though it isn’t even Thanksgiving time. 

I like the food on Thanksgiving and the nice food coma nap, I also like being with family. But Christmas is better. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, however when 6 p.m. hits, everyone is ready to go shopping, shopping for Christmas. With this being said, celebrating, preparing and decorating for Christmas early is completely fine. 

I remember being a little kid and being so excited for the holidays. Back when my mom wouldn’t let us put the tree up before Thanksgiving because we had people coming over on Thanksgiving Day. But now that I’m older and am not living at home — I find it perfectly acceptable to put the tree up Nov. 1. 

By putting up the Christmas tree and decorations up early, your house, apartment or dorm will be looking so cute. The Christmas tree will give you comfort, while the decorations and ornaments will be bringing back all the childhood memories. The cookies will keep you in good spirits and the Christmas candles will have you feeling cozy in cold North Dakota. 

“No one will judge you besides the Grinch. Happy Holidays, y’all. It’s finally November.” 

Being jolly before Thanksgiving is completely fine. I believe that you’ve got to go with the flow and if decorating the tree, baking cookies or getting out the Christmas candles and wrapping paper is going to make you happy — then you better get to it. 

When you put the Christmas tree and decorations up in your house, you will be all ready for the holidays when you get back from break. The tree will be up, decorations will be looking cute and all you’ve got to do is wrap the presents you got on Black Friday and you’re all ready for the holidays. 

The holidays are a difficult time. People are struggling to get through these cold, chilly days. We all need to be in good spirits. What a better way to get in the Christmas spirit than getting ready for Christmas in November.  The holidays can be tough for a variety of reasons, but if you walk through your house door and see and smell all of the holiday cheer, you will be feeling so much better. 

Yes, Thanksgiving is a fun time. Black Friday shopping is fun. And unfortunately, Halloween is over. But I believe it is perfectly fine to put the Christmas decorations up. If you are struggling in any way, put the Christmas tree up, light some Christmas candles or decorate cookies with some friends. 

Life is short, Christmas season is short. Just put up your Christmas tree and decorations even though it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. No one will judge you besides the Grinch. Happy Holidays, y’all. It’s finally November. 

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