Hollywood’s Tiresome Virtue Signaling

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the upper crust celebrities of Hollywood patted themselves on the back for the umpteenth time this year with the prestigious Grammy Awards. As anyone who has paid any attention to these asinine and pointless ceremonies knows, there was no shortage of risk-free virtue signaling and insignificant political statements made by the leftist entertainers.

Celebrities who frequent these overblown and meaningless awards shows always virtue signal in order to win some brownie points with the public and their Hollywood buddies. The Grammys this year even contained a video of the former presidential candidate and professional finger-pointer Hillary Clinton reading excerpts from “Fire and Fury,” a book that attempts to paint President Trump as some sort of mentally-impaired brute and has since been thoroughly debunked as a factless hit piece.

Oh, but that wasn’t all. Along with tired and overdone “Drumpf, amiright?” jokes, celebrity millionaires such as Logic, Bono and Camila Cabelo spent their time on stage spouting out some hippie-dippie diatribe advocating for open borders and world peace.

Of course, none of these airheads have actually housed or fed any third world migrants in their sprawling mansions and properties. I mean, if they’re that concerned about impoverished Haitians, why don’t they just donate a large chunk of their album and concert earnings to some charities? Even the #MeToo movement that was touted as an integral part of the award ceremonies was undermined completely when only one woman actually won a Grammy at the event. So much for the importance of female empowerment in Hollywood.

So not only are these rich, shallow-minded entertainers advocating for policies that most people grow out of in middle school, but they also shot themselves in the foot by only giving one woman a Grammy after weeks of feminist virtue signaling.

Hollywood and its self-congratulating millionaires need to realize how ineffectual and downright annoying these constant political and ideological statements are. Most people do not want to have to endure half-baked political rhetoric from their favorite entertainers, which inevitably ends up alienating and annoying swaths of their fan base.

This was demonstrated when this year’s Grammy Swards was the least viewed Grammys since 2009. So, no offense Cardi B, I know you want to feel like some sort of important intellectual; but I’d rather take foreign policy advice from Thomas Sowell, not a former stripper who dropped out of school. People don’t buy your albums to hear your opinions on border security, so please stick to rap music and leave the political jargon to Washington.

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