Group Seeks to Address Sexual Assault

Enough. at NDSU has been working to spread its advocacy in the prevention of sexual assault across North Dakota State’s campus.

The group, created this fall, was founded as a partnership between NDSU’s Sexual Assault Prevention & Advocacy and Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Emily Beaman | THE SPECTRUM
Emily Beaman | THE SPECTRUM

Enough. at NDSU is working to address the issue of sexual assault and violence, which remains a predominant problem on college campuses nationwide.

The group consists of members from NDSU’s fraternity and sorority life.  It sponsors awareness activities and educational programming to educate students involved in Greek life on interpersonal violence.

Through social media, the group is sharing videos and information on various campaigns to increase attentiveness to the issue of sexual assault.

Members have had enough of the negative stereotypes regarding sexual assault that surround fraternities and sororities and want to make a change in this perception.

They hope their efforts will lead to a more supportive community for victims campus-wide, and aid in the prevention of violence and sexual assault.

Zachary Beaton, a member of the organization and the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, said students of NDSU should know Enough. at NDSU’s work goes beyond the scope of the Greek community.

“The student body should understand that we are not just here for Greeks by any means. We are here for everyone on campus,” Beaton said.

Enough. at NDSU is a part of the ongoing push to raise awareness of sexual assault and assist in its prevention on college campuses.

Other efforts by Sexual Assault Prevention & Advocacy earlier in the semester included We Take a Stand, a training seminar for first year students, as well as Take Back the Night, an educational march.

Individuals who have questions or ideas surrounding sexual assault on campus can contact Kelsey Keimig, the assistant director of sexual assault prevention and advocacy.

Individuals who have been assaulted may also contact Keimig, who can assist individuals in the steps that follow after an assault.

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