Wanted: Great Job Opportunity for Students

Hello insert loser’s name,

It’s your friend you do not know, grant.gloe@ndsu.edu. See that @ndsu.edu in my email? That means that you can trust me and I am a man/woman just like you from forgo North Dakota with your best interest in mind.

I am small businees owenr in Bisquick, North Dakota. Unfortunately I am very much busy with said bisness these days and could really use some help. That is why great Spectrum has helped me get the word onto you about a great business venture. I am looking for a very qualified and motivated person to help in performing the following tasks: Sending emails, mailing things, taking breaks, typing at least five words per minute and breathing. I know how busy you college people can get so you can pick and any two hours a week you would like to work and I will give you $2,000 a week.

Interest? Well to start the application process all you need to do is send me a few things for background check and easy payment and whatnot. Please give: last four numbers of SSN, date of birth, address, mother’s maiden name, first five numbers of SSN, name of childhood pet, routing number and driver’s license number. This is all standard boss stuff we need because we are professional. All of this and more can be done by going to www.GimmeUrPC.com/Reeling-Phish/H@k3r right now. Please turn off virus protection, it interferes with our website and is way overrated.

If you have any spare time my cousin is a Nigerian prince who’s locked out of his bank account and I am too knee deep in business to help him. There is many $$$ in it for you if you give him some investment to help him access his great funds.

Please, dear good friends, do watch out. There are people like me offering great positions in their businesses who may not entirely be honest. If something seems too good to be true stay clear and maybe even google the person/company to see if anyone has reported them as fake employers. They could even be using an NDSU email. But not me, were best buds. Would some creep on the internet know your first car and the street you grew up on? Because I don’t and you should tell me so people don’t think I’m a creep on the internet.

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