‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Best-Selling Game in US History

In a Take-Two Interactive article, ‘GTA V’ is shown to be one of “the largest contributors to net revenue.”

Last week, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, announced “Grand Theft Auto V” has sold over 85 million individual units.

This means “GTA V” is now the most sold game in U.S. history, and, despite its 2013 release date, continues to sell copies.

In the same Take-Two Interactive article, both “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Grand Theft Auto Online” are shown to be two of “the largest contributors to net revenue” for the company.

Similar to other best selling games from Take-Two, such as “NBA 2K17” and “XCOM 2,” past “Grand Theft Auto” titles have proven that the game series is a big hit in terms of entertainment value for the gamers who play it and the company that sells it. So, it is not much of a surprise that “GTA V” made it to the top in terms of revenue generated.

Not that it can’t be done, but other games by Rockstar, or any other game developer, will be hard pressed to take “GTA V” from the top of the list. Some potential revenue rivals, like “Red Dead Redemption 2,” are coming out soon and could make a push for the top spot. Perhaps it will be another GTA title from Rockstar Games.

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