Giving Day the Bison Way

North Dakota State raised a total of  $307,904 on the inaugural NDSU Giving Day.

Nov. 29 marked the inaugural NDSU Giving Day. The event is a 24-hour-long online fundraiser encouraging philanthropic support of NDSU. Giving Day joins cyber and social media movements that give back during the holiday season.

Philanthropy efforts are a large part of NDSU’s connection to past, present and future students, and this year that connection is expected to only grow.

The NDSU Foundation and Alumni Association creates opportunities to advance education, research and service at the university. The organization’s website states its mission is to raise funds, manage assets and administer other privately funded resources to stimulate continued development at NDSU.

Existing developments made possible by alumni donations include the Fargodome, NDSU’s Equine Center, the Newman Outdoor Field, the renovation of Minard Hall, as well as other academic and athletic facilities’ renovations and building projects.

This year, NDSU Giving Day hopes to capitalize on past success and partner with alumni and friends of the university to raise funds to continue NDSU’s student-focused dedication.

“Colleges and other university entities identified several funds for alumni and friends of the university to give to,” Sara Wald, vice president of outreach for the NDSUFAA, said. “The funds identified are the highest-need areas of the university including scholarships, research and other identified needs.”

“Alumni benefit from Giving Day by enhancing experiences of current students and paying it forward to produce successful graduates,” Wald said.

Current students that act as ambassadors is a major part of the success of philanthropy efforts.

“We would welcome more students getting involved with philanthropy. They can contact me or Amy Ouren, Bison Ambassador Adviser, to find out how,” Wald added.

Bison Ambassadors is a student public relations organization sponsored by the NDSUFAA. The organization worked closely with the NDSUFAA to ensure a successful NDSU Giving Day.

Current Bison Ambassador RaeLyn Leier spoke about the organization’s hope for future alumni, saying, “We hope all students consider giving back after graduation. Even small donations can have a big impact on future generations of students.”

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