Gaming News: Xbox Game Announcements and more

All the things from the gaming industry last week

XO19 in London was host to many game announcements.

Every week the gaming industry is filled with various news and announcements. Sometimes there is way too much to keep track of.

That is where this handy dandy list comes in. It contains everything you need to know from the gaming industry last week.

‘Fortnite’ meets ‘Star Wars’

For players of “Fortnite” and fans of “Star Wars” now they can experience both of their favorites in one game. Anyone who buys “Jedi Fallen Order” from the Epic Games Store will be able to run around as a stormtrooper in “Fortnite” or you can just buy it for 1500 V-bucks.

A Star Destroyer is also in the sky of the Fortnite map which could mean that a future larger “Star Wars” crossover is coming. The Galactic Empire seems to be gearing up for some type of invasion, and with “Rise of Skywalker” coming out in December, a crossover would make sense.

Sony patents PlayStation 5 controller

Sony has filed a patent for a possible PlayStation 5 controller. It looks a lot like the PlayStation 4 controller minus the light bar that lights up when you take damage.

This may not be the final design for the controller, but based on Sony’s trend with controllers this may very well be. We will have to wait and see when they announce the PlayStation 5 officially next year.

‘Xbox Play Anywhere’

The “Xbox Play Anywhere” service that allows you to buy a game on Xbox and play it on PC or vice versa will be making its way to the next Xbox. Microsoft aims to support it, which will allow cross-play, cross-buy and cross achievements between PC and Xbox.

Xbox has been making great calls recently and this seems to follow suit.


The Xbox centric event in London was hosted a couple weekends ago and with it came many announcements. There was a whole host of new game announcements and updates on previously announced titles.

For “Age of Empires” fans, they were treated to two announcements. First off was “Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition,” which was released that day and is an HD remaster of “Age of Empires 2.” The second announcement was a gameplay trailer for “Age of Empires 4” and fans went crazy.

The best deal in gaming, Xbox Game Pass, announced that 50 new games will be coming to the service. Games include day one Xbox Game Studios games as well as a whole host of titles from other companies like “Rage 2” and “The Witcher 3.”

Rare is also making a new strange fantasy game called “Everwild.” What it is about and what we will be doing in it is unknown, but it is a Rare game and that means it may become a classic.

Obsidian Entertainment, the RPG kings, announced a new survival game in the vein of “Honey I Shrunk the Kids.” Titled “Grounded,” players will be surviving as miniature people in a backyard.

Project xCloud, the game streaming service from Xbox, is adding 50 new games as well and will be available on PC in 2020. You’ll be able to play high-quality games on your phone, Xbox, PC and tablet when the service is fully launched.

There was also a lot of release dates and game updates announced for various previously announced titles.

“Sea of Thieves” is receiving a new tall tale quest and firebombs in its next update called “The Seabound Sale.” “Minecraft Dungeons,” the Minecraft dungeon crawler, is coming out April 2020.

“Kingdom Hearts Collection,” a compilation of all the “Kingdom Hearts” games, is coming to Xbox in 2020. Wasteland 3 is launching May 19, 2020.

“Bleeding Edge” will be getting a closed beta Feb. 14, 2020, and officially release on March 24, 2020. All the Yakuza games will be coming to Xbox sometime in the future.

There wasn’t very much else announced or talked about this week.

Every week is different however and some are more interesting than the last, so stay tuned for the next rundown and have a great Thanksgiving.

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