Gaming News: Sonic redesign and more

All the things from the gaming and related industries last week

Sonic receives a redesign for the upcoming movie based on backlash.

Every week the internet is filled with various announcements from the gaming industry. Sometimes there is way too much to keep track of.

That is where this handy weekly rundown comes in, well, handy. Everything that is important is nicely organized right here for your reading pleasure.

So, without further ado, here are all the things from the gaming industry last week.

EA and ‘Skate’

It was reported earlier that Electronic Arts (EA) had abandoned the “Skate” trademark. Fans of the classic skateboard series have been waiting for a fourth title for years and this news made them worried they would never get one.

Fear not skateboard fans, for EA has not abandoned the trademark. The original report of the abandonment was a mistake, so don’t worry.

Now you can just sit and wait for the eventual announcement of the fourth title.

It is coming, right?


Hideo Kojima breaks records

After what felt like an eternity, the legendary game creator, Hideo Kojima, finally released “Death Stranding” and it became an instant classic for a lot of people. Reception was split down the middle with some claiming it’s the best game ever, while some say it is the worst–typical for a Kojima game.

The creator has gone on to break records, though not for “Death Stranding.” He has become the most followed game director on Twitter and Instagram.

Not really game related, but it is nice to see him win awards.

Maybe he will break some records for “Death Stranding”, too. We will have to see.

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ redesign

Again, not strictly game-related, but it is about a movie based on a classic video game franchise, so it counts for this rundown.

Almost a year ago, the first trailers for “Sonic the Hedgehog” were released and people were severely disappointed. Sonic looked much more like a blue rat than his usual Sonic self.

Luckily, the studio listened to the backlash and went back to the drawing board. After a couple months of work, they have revealed the new design in a new trailer that makes the movie look kind of good.

Gone are the nasty teeth and rat-like face. Now he has the large eyes, sneakers, gloves, and face of the video game Sonic; exactly like how he is supposed to look. No idea why they went with the rat at first.

The movie looks funny, fast-paced, and maybe another good video game movie.

The film comes out on Feb. 14, 2020, so be ready to see the blue hedgehog race across the big screen.

‘The Witcher’ season 2

Not strictly gaming news but there is a series of popular games in this property, so it also must count. Right?

Even before the premiere of the first season of Netflix’s “The Witcher”, they have already greenlit a second season. Along with that, the showrunner says they have seven seasons mapped out.

That is a lot of Geralt of Rivia and Netflix seems to be putting faith in it. Let’s hope it is good.

There wasn’t much game-related news this week, but maybe next week there will be more. However, we are nearing the end of the year, so announcements and releases will slow down for now.

Remember every week is different and some are more interesting than the last, so stay tuned for next week’s rundown.

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