Gaming News: Riot announces new titles and more

All the things from the gaming industry last week

Creators of ‘League of Legends’ announce a whole host of new titles.

Every week, the gaming industry is filled with news and announcements. Sometimes way too much for anyone to keep track of.

That is where this handy rundown comes in; everything that is interesting or noteworthy can be found right here.

Riot Games announcements

In a really surprising turn of events, the makers of the super popular “League of Legends” announced a whole host of new games and tie-in content. It seems Riot is ready to fight as “League of Legends” celebrates its tenth anniversary.

First off is a “League of Legends” fighting game codenamed “Project L”. It is a little ways away from release. The team will be going dark, so do not expect any news for a long time.

We did get to see a short clip showing champions Ahri and Darius battling it out in a desert. “League” has 140 champions so there will definitely be even more fighters.

Riot is not stopping there, as they also announced a tactical multiplayer FPS codenamed “Project A”. It looks like a much more cartoon-y “Counter-Strike: GO” and has the same hero-based gameplay of “Overwatch”.

Riot is setting out to push the technical boundaries of FPSs and solve many problems combating current FPSs, like lag and cheating. It will not be set in the “League” universe. Do not hold your breath for more information, as they are also going dark.

Riot did not slow down, announcing a management simulator as well. Players will be managing “League” esports teams, starting with the League Pro League and expanding from there. Revenue from the game will be shared with the featured pro teams. Expect it sometime in 2020.

Not wanting to leave any genre out, they also announced a “League” card game. Called “Legends of Runeterra”, it will be ditching the expensive card packs of previous digital card games and instead allow players to buy cards outright.

It is set to combat the genre kingpin of “Hearthstone” by making “Legends of Runeterra” even more accessible.

It was not over as they also teased what may look like a multiplayer action RPG, which will allow players to explore the world of Runeterra. Codenamed “Project F”, not much is known of the project.

Why stop there? Riot also announced an animated “League of Legends” TV series called “Arcane” because, why not? It will explore the backstory of the champions of “League”.

Finally, some changes and additions are coming to “League of Legends” and “Teamfight Tactics”. Mobile ports for both titles were also announced.

Riot seems to want to take over the competitive gaming scene with all these video games; time will tell if they can do it.

Steam remote play together

Steam will allow players to invite friends to play with them as if they were sitting right next to them. Unlike normal online-only games, one of the players needs to own the game.

It will give you all the benefits of couch co-op without having to walk to your friend’s place. The beta for this feature will go live Oct. 21.

‘Fortnite Chapter 2’

News that broke the internet was the introduction of “Fortnite Chapter 2”. The old map and everything that players loved was sucked into a black hole and the game was shut down for a couple of days. Players would only be greeted by a black hole

Finally, after a couple of days, “Fortnite Chapter 2” launched. A brand-new map, many new mechanics, and some even say an amazing step forward for Fortnite. It is free so if you really want to check it out, go ahead.

‘Apex Legends’ new training mode

The fast-paced team-based battle royale game by Respawn is getting a training mode. The addition is coming by popular demand.

Players will be able to switch out heroes at will and have access to all the items. This new mode will allow players to train as a three-player squad.

Maybe now you’ll be able to win a match.

‘Google Stadia’ release date

The highly anticipated game cloud streaming service by Google will be released on Nov. 19, 2019. This new service will allow players to play big, triple-A games like “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “Destiny 2” on their TVs, PCs, Laptops and even some phones.

Google also just revealed their “Stadia Founder’s Edition”, which players can pre-purchase to receive an exclusive night-blue Stadia controller, Chromcast Ultra for streaming on TVs, three months of “Stadia Pro” for yourself and a friend, the ability to play all supported games in early access and even a founder’s badge to prove your commitment from the beginning.

This service is supposed to have most of the big titles that are currently released or releasing on other gaming platforms. It will be interesting to see how Google’s new game service does on the market.

That is about it for all the newsworthy items that came out of the gaming industry last week. Every week is different and some are more interesting than the last, so stay tuned for next week’s rundown.

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