Gaming News: Farming, the Esport

The latest European esport craze, Nintendo releases and more

FARMING SIMULATOR 18 | Photo Courtesy
‘Farming Simulator’ is getting its own esports league. Really.

Well, last week was a small week for the gaming industry. Not many announcements or new news came out. What we did get, however, is still intriguing to some. So, here is the rundown.

‘Far Cry New Dawn’ new gameplay mechanics

“Far Cry New Dawn” is the new post-apocalyptic game by Ubisoft set in the Far Cry storyline, a first for the series. The game will bring some new features, but still retain the classic Far Cry gameplay.

In “New Dawn,” you will be able to craft some weapons, have a home base and do something called “the outpost escalation system.”

The weapon crafting is much like any role-playing game today, where players craft weapons of varying ranks to take on various enemies.

The home base will serve as a hub for upgrades and meeting a whole host of strange post-apocalyptic characters.

Finally, the outpost escalation system lets you choose between taking over an outpost (once you kill all the enemies) and obtain some loot or leave the outpost alone, letting the enemies repopulate it with potentially better loot. It sounds like an interesting risk-reward system.

PlayStation 1 models in ‘Resident Evil 2’ remake

If you want the nostalgia fix when playing the already nostalgia filled “Resident Evil 2” remake, then you are in luck. A special promotion will allow players to redeem a code to unlock the PlayStation 1 character models for the main characters. It will look weird with the updated graphics, but it will surely be wonderful. However, it is not confirmed if this is a Japan-only feature or if it is going to be available everywhere.

Nintendo indie highlights

Nintendo released a video showing independent studio games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, nine in total. The games range from all sorts of genres, and there is even a ski lift construction simulator (if that’s what you have been waiting for).

Everyone’s favorite, “Goat Simulator” is coming to the Nintendo Switch, so you can be a goat on the go. Also coming to the Switch is an interesting looking turn-based strategy game and a game based on a visual novel, just to name a couple.

More esports

Esports is slowly growing to be just as viable as real sports, which is strange but true. It seems like many battle royale games and shooters are getting their own esports tournaments lately, alongside the established esport communities for multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and fighting games, but guess who else wants to join in on the party?

One of the last games you would expect, “Farming Simulator.” An esports league is being launched in Europe with a total prize pool of 250,000 euros.

Ten tournaments will be conducted with various competitions, like hay bale stacking and 3-on-3 mowing. Yes, mowing. Strange but who knows? Maybe this will be the next big esports and every company will start making farming simulators instead of battle royales.

That is about it for all the important stuff that happened last week in gaming. Every week is different, and some more interesting than others, so be on the look out for next week’s rundown. Until then, start practicing your “Farming Simulator.”

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