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As the weather starts to turn against our favors, Bison fans are sure to not let anything stop them from supporting their favorite team and

Janet Tumaini| THE SPECTRUM
Bison Fan goes for the subtle, yet bold look with the NDSU leggings.

expressing themselves with Bison fashion.

Homecoming 2017 is here which means we are in for a week full of fun events like the parade this Friday downtown. I decided to go out to the tailgating site and see for myself what people were wearing at the football game this past weekend at the Fargodome.

It is always a thrill of excitement seeing an area so large full of fans in green and yellow. One is truly bound to feel the spirit of the Bison. Some fans expressed their support with a simple combination, while others really went all out but all were truly united by their team spirit.

Noah Berg| Photo Courtesy
Baley Pederson and Jenaya Wentz show of Bison Pride in simple fashion.

Starting off with college students, I noticed most had on customized T-shirts, pull-overs, jeans, shoes and accessories. Current trends such as the v-cut chest cut-out on T-shirts, crop tops, back cut-outs, jean embroidery, converse with NDSU green and yellow colors and much more. I even spotted some fan rocking the fanny pack. Most male students I saw had paired simple jeans with either a T-shirt or sweatshirt. Some students had on some tartan merchandise representing their and my department of apparel, design and hospitality management. Plus, royalties earned from the sale of tartan merchandise is used to fund scholarships for NDSU students majoring in the department.

Older fans also ranged in their styles from subtle combinations to creative pairings. Many fans wore simple jeans, a sweatshirt, light jackets,

Janet Tumaini| THE SPECTRUM
Ultimate tailgating fans go all out in Bison gear by adding kilts to their outfits.

boots, sneakers, scarves and hats. Some had sprayed their hair with green and yellow highlights, and some wore custom bedazzled tops and sweatshirts. I saw that most folks had on vintage-inspired team merchandise and more of the classic styles. Additionally, most fans had on custom NDSU jewelry from necklaces to bracelets and earrings.

Lots of children were also there to show their support. It was fairly cold outside, but almost all the children were being playful and generally

having a fun time. Everyone had unique outfits on; I could not help but give them complements. Some kids had tutus, green and yellow stripped overalls, camo pants, team pajamas and sweatshirts. Most kids rocked fun and unique styles such as the bandanna as a headband, face paint, temporary tattoos and hair chalk.

Janet Tumaini| THE SPECTRUM
Some young fans were excited to be apart of the Bison tailgating party.

With an overall examination, I would say, currently most Bison fans wear fashion forward styles and if you look at most team gear retailers such as the bookstore itself, a lot of up to date team gear is incorporated in current fashions, such as, flannel shirts, scarves, leggings and shoes.

Fashion is being helped with the technology we now have, because one can simply take their fashion items in for an embroidered or printed team mascot or name. Retailers are adapting and bringing in the latest styles to customers because consumers now look for versatile items they can wear on a casual day and to a game.

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