‘Flagship:’ Still a Work in Progress

Flagship” is being developed by UrbanLogicGames and has you playing as the commander of a fleet of starships in first person perspective.

You read that correctly.

Strategy from a first-person perspective as the commander of a fleet.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand on the bridge of a Star Destroyer issuing orders to your fleet sprawled out before you? Well, “Flagship” has got you covered.

When on the bridge, you can issue voice commands and watch as your ships move to their objective.

You can also do this manually by going to the command console in the center of the bridge, dragging a box of your ships and clicking on where you want them to fight or move. You can launch fighters and bombers to perform strikes on critical sub-systems of enemy warships in tandem with the high damage volleys coming from your capital ships.

There have been many changes made to “Flagship” over the years, and a few are a little disappointing, but most seem to be for the best.

In the latest update from March 27, 2017, it is mentioned that the scope of the game has been drastically reduced. UrbanLogic says that “despite putting a tremendous amount of effort into it,” they are not happy with what the game has not been turning out to be.

UrbanLogicGames has been developing ‘Flagship’ for the past five years – despite its hiccups, it has a promising future.

When they first started developing “Flagship,” space games were not as big of a hit as they are now, and they believe their project would be considered by many as inadequate to other games of a similar genre.

Instead of keeping with the original plan (having the game be a grand strategy game that would span an entire galaxy), UrbanLogic has made the game more linear with a more “linear, mission-based approach.”

I was a little disappointed that this was the direction they were headed. I became a bit heartbroken when I heard this, because I was really hoping to manage a galaxy-wide empire.

There are some silver linings to these changes, however.

First, UrbanLogic has decided to invest more time and money into the ship-to-ship combat, making it more dynamic and engaging.

The second is the most interesting: with the more linear approach to the game, they are going to be able to make a story that won’t be anything too grand because of budgetary concerns, but it will be interesting nonetheless.

The real treasure upon release is that there will be a campaign editor that will allow players to create and share their own campaigns and missions with other players.

So, UrbanLogic, in their own way, will be giving us the means to continually have new content to play around with, without the need for DLC.

If there is something I could say about UrbanLogicGames and their space baby “Flagship,” it is that they are aware of their capabilities. They could have continued with the original project they had planned on and it would not have been as good as what everyone supporting them would expect it to be.

They realized that maybe it is better to do something small well, rather than make a colossal failure.

They told us the truth about what was going on in the development process to make sure that their supporters understood what was happening why changes were being made. That is something I hope everyone can appreciate.

There is no official release day for this game, but you can always check in on the “Flagship” indie game website for the latest updates and news.

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