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Most college students often give up on looking good for class, but gaining comfort could actually be costing you academic success. Multiple studies have shown that dressing up improves self-esteem and increases productivity, which could lead to better grades. Basically, if you look good, you’ll feel good, and if you feel good, you’re much more likely to conquer your day with confidence.

PHOTO COURTESY Keyona Elkins | A striped top and skinny jeans are just as easy to throw on in the morning as leggings and a hoodie.
PHOTO COURTESY Keyona Elkins | A striped top and skinny jeans are just as easy to throw on in the morning as leggings and a hoodie.

Even if you’re tired or running late or just plain feeling lazy, you can still look great every day with minimal effort. You just need to learn a few basic outfit equations.

Jeans + Cute Top + Jacket + Sneakers

Let’s bust the myth that sweats and leggings are infinitely more comfortable than jeans. A good pair of stretch jeans is just as easy to slide on in the morning, and they look much more refined. Whether they’re a dark wash skinny or a trendy ripped boyfriend cut, jeans should be your go-to outfit starter.

Next, choose a nice top in a color that flatters you. Michael Kors suggests wearing white by your face, as it’s universally flattering. It can be anything from a lacey tank to a grungy graphic tee, just as long as it fits well.

Then, top it off with your jacket of choice. Bombers are in right now, and leather moto styles go with almost everything. Fashionable athleisure sneakers keep the whole look comfy and casual, and if there’s no time to do your hair, a cute baseball cap is the perfect add-on.

T-Shirt Dress + Tights + Boots

Dresses are the best because you don’t have to worry about coordinating pieces; it’s just one and done. T-shirt dresses are super easy to pull off, not to mention very comfortable and forgiving. The loose, unstructured silhouette definitely plays well with other pieces, too.

Add either sheer or opaque black tights to shield against chilly weather, and toss on an oversized cardigan to add a dose of coziness. Over-the-knee boots, riding boots or short booties will finish off the effortlessly chic look.

Before you run out the door, decide which two makeup products you would want on a deserted island (concealer and mascara are my personal picks). Quickly applying those will make the biggest difference.

Sweater + Bralette + Jeans + Booties

Living in the Midwest, owning a collection of cute sweaters is almost a requirement. An ultra-soft knit in a deep fall tone like burnt orange, forest green or maroon will look polished all on its own. Adding a lacey bralette underneath is laidback but ups the fashion factor. Then, you just need to roll up the hems on some skinny jeans and pair them with suede or leather booties.

To accessorize, stack on a mix of delicate rings, add a simple necklace or choose a statement earring to draw attention up to your face. Throw your hair in a messy topknot, or try a half up pony or half bun for a quick and on-trend style.

Dressing to impress in a hurry really doesn’t take much work. Just make a mental note of which wardrobe items fit into these formulas, and resist the urge to give into sartorial laziness next time you sleep through your alarm. That means saying no to the leggings, sweats, boxy T-shirts and hoodies. And for the love of God, please stay away from the Uggs.

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