Fargo Fashion | Target is Rebranding

As internet shopping becomes more and more the norm of today, retailers are faced with the challenge of developing effective ways to continue to bring shoppers into stores.

Janet Tumaini| THE SPECTRUM
One of Target’s new displays at the Fargo location, featuring new mannequins.

The Target that you are familiar with, as some of you might already be aware, is working toward rebranding itself as well as creating more guest experience with its products and services.

Former NDSU graduate in business management, Alex Thiesing who now works at Target as a team leader discussed with me at a recent job preparation workshop, organized here on campus by the Office of Multicultural Programs, the new changes at Target.

“Target is really trying to be fashion forward and innovative in a way that they weren’t before,” Thiesing said. “They want to be where people shop more regularly … One thing that Target has really invested in is the time, research and quality of their clothes.”

“We’ve made it diverse,” she said. “We now have mannequins in a wide range of sizes, as well as maternity, to really represent the clothing in all shapes and sizes … it makes me proud to work for a company that puts that in consideration … They bring the show to life and that is where we see the main shift in the stores.” The Fargo Target has also gone through a remodel in its home décor department, according to Thiesing.

Along with the rebranding, the company has decided to discontinue certain brands as they felt that there was a disconnect with what was in demand. They are bringing exciting new brands that are more fashion forward.

“We just launched four news brands just within the last couple of months: A New Day, a new men’s line, Goodfellow & Co, another athleisure women’s line JoyLab and then a new maternity line, Isabelle Maternity,” Thiesing said. “Project 62 is another brand that we just launched in our home décor. With those, we’ve already seen such a great turnout because they are better quality clothes, more fashion forward, more what’s in style. Mossimo on the men’s side is discontinuing, and the women’s brand, Merona is discontinuing.”

The new displays at Target have allowed for more space and interaction. They have also installed better lighting to create a much more inviting atmosphere.

Janet Tumaini| THE SPECTRUM
Alexis Thiesing, team leader at the Fargo Target.

“Visual Merchandising is very important and (a) new role,” Thiesing continued. “It has changed from book shopping to much more … We went from 30 mannequins to 84 mannequins … We want to make it so you see it and want to purchase it. People enjoy being in Target more now because it is open. And with our new brands, one gets an opportunity to see what’s new and what’s trending.”

With the new changes at Target there have been new job and internship opportunities that have surfaced not only for those interested in working retail, but other fields as well.

“We definitely have opportunities for all … those with a niche for creativity and opportunities for analytical people that are interested in more of the business side,” Thiesing said. “We work developing our teams to become better and to grow in their strengths … there is so many things that each major can bring to the table that is going to be different and, so we welcome all majors … Opportunities in visual merchandising and other areas are available in store and at headquarters.”

If you have not been to Target in a while, go and swing by to see for yourself all of the new renovations as well their new brands.

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