Fargo Fashion | Out with the Skinny, in with the Relaxed


The skinny jeans wave is slowly declining as fashion takes up the relaxed boyfriend fit, low-rise, high-rise, straight-leg style. Though skinny jeans are widely worn amongst the youth and are still great sellers by the many retailers, the fashion forward market is transitioning into relaxed fit jeans. Oversized fashion is currently going from fashion shows to street style.

New jeans are available in ankle length, crop style, rowed, uneven and raw hems. They are mostly straight at the hem, but some styles have a crop kicked flare. Additionally, some other trendy versions are out on the market like patchwork, ripped, two-toned, embroidered, contrast front seams and side seams.

THE SPECTRUM | Janet Tumaini
Finding jeans that fit just right.

Not only are they comfortable, these jeans are also better for blood circulation. We’ve all had that one moment when we felt like our legs were clearly uncomfortable in those skinnies and could not wait until we jumped into some sweatpants. Am I right, ladies? It is sometimes not the most pleasant experience with them, but a good pair sure look amazing.

A good pair of skinny jeans that fit and look fabulous on is, without a doubt, loved by everyone. Now, I am not saying you should say goodbye to your good pairs just because they are not as in style as they’ve been. All I mean to propose is that on your next shopping trip, try to invest in a few relaxed fit jeans. Not only will you be trying out a comfortable trend and, unlike skinny jeans, they are bound to last you a while even if your body has a mind of its own when it comes to weight. They have extra room so you are sure to fit in them.

But aren’t relaxed jeans just unflattering? Not to worry. This fit can be worn as both casual and business casual. It is all about how you coordinate them. I totally get that most would say the relaxed fit can only be worn on a casual setting since it provides no shaping and looks baggy, but that is not the case.

To dress up these relaxed fit jeans, consider pairing them with a statement like a woven blouse that has a sort of design detail such as ruffles, flounces, tiers, etc. A fitted knit top or bodysuit are some other great options, as well as a camisole with a blazer. Add simple or statement jewelry and for shoes, choose between heeled sandals, dressy flats, strappy wedges or ankle boots.

For those who rather go for a more casual look often like myself but still want to look put together, pair the jeans with either a graphic tee shirt, a cropped top, woven button-up, tank top with a kimono, a tee shirt or tank top with a cardigan. For shoes, choose between some canvas shoes (e.g. converse, vans), sneakers (athletic or nonathletic) or some casual sandals.

Spot the relaxed fit jeans at most fashion forward retailers like Forever21, Old Navy, GAP, Banana Republic, Zara, H&M, ASOS, American Eagle, etc.

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