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popped collars
Sport no less than six popped collars if you want to look truly fly this season.

Do you ever stare into your closet in the morning, thinking, “If only there was an easy way to look super fly every day?” Well, there is. All it takes is a polo shirt (or ten) and a flick of the wrist.

Popped collars first hit it big in the ‘80s, which is arguably fashion’s greatest decade. (Honestly, is anything classier than shoulder pads, legwarmers and neon? No.) They were an essential part of the decade’s popular preppy look, but reappeared with a more mainstream twist in the early-2000s.

Some have ignorantly labeled upturned collars one of the most embarrassing and regretful fads of the time, but these naysayers just haven’t yet seen how modern and sleek they can look when paired with other timeless fashion, pieces such as harem pants, nylon windbreakers and Crocs. The fashion world, however, has seen the light and could not be more pleased with the latest popped collar comeback.

Almost every major designer (Mark Jacobs, Dior, Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Luis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few) has declared the popped collar a must-have look for summer, so you’re bound to start spotting them on all your favorite celebrities. But don’t wait for Kendall, J. Law and T. Swift to be seen in the trend before you try it out. Regular men and women alike are now being enlightened by how this easy styling trick can instantly make them look ten times cooler.

You’re going to want to stock up on polos and other collared shirts so you can layer them because the look is so much more fun with multiple collars popped.

Aim for as many upturned collars as you can wear, even if it adds a lot of bulk to your torso; no one will care if you look fat because they’ll be so enamored with your impressive collar stacking skills.

If you really don’t like the bulk or heat of layered shirts, you can add a clip-on popped collar to any shirt you choose. Stores are stocking them in every color imaginable, and you can choose any number of layers from the classic single collar clip-on to the daring 20-layer pop. One upturned collar looks sharp, but if you really want to look confident and cool, aim for a minimum of six. Piling on the pops can push you from simply being on trend to looking like you really know about fashion.

Popped collars are predicted to follow in the footsteps of the skinny jean, starting as a trend but getting so much love that they become a staple of everyone’s wardrobes. This look that used to be associated only with arrogant douchebags is basically becoming the fashion equivalent of the little black dress.

So when in doubt about what to wear to church or class or a rave, you can take comfort knowing that all you have to do to look awesome is pop the colla’.

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