Fargo Fashion | Made in the ‘90s

The ‘90s have to be considered a great point in history, seeing as it’s when most current North Dakota State students were born. Maybe that narcissistic nostalgia is one of the reasons we’ve all become obsessed with the decade less than 20 years after it ended. Aside from all the great ‘90s shows and movies getting reboots, today’s fashion trends are the most visible form of this infatuation.


The grunge side of ‘90s fashion is back in full force with slip dresses, oversized denim jackets, babydoll dresses and dark lip colors. Grunge was all about deep colors, plaid, band tees, ripped denim and tights and chunky combat boots, all of which can easily be incorporated into today’s looks. Chokers are everywhere right now, from the stretchy plastic linked kind to Victorian chic ones with lace and velvet.

The sporty side of the decade was represented by crop tops, flashy sneakers, “Fresh Prince”-inspired windbreakers, high-rise mom jeans and neon hues. Recently, athletic brands like Fila, Champion and Reebok made comebacks with their ‘90s style normcore pieces, and fashionistas mix their sporty branded pieces with dressier items like skirts and heels.

‘90s fashion turned out almost nothing proportional. To achieve the look, try a tight cropped rib knit halter top with high-waisted jeans. Then throw on an oversized denim jacket or nylon bomber to contrast with the shrunken top underneath.

Right now, the most fashion-forward way to tap into the ‘90s trend is to wear a slip dress or loose spaghetti strap tank over a high-necked tee or turtleneck. This look is super fun, and with slip dresses being a major trend in the recently shown spring 2017 collections, it’s not going anywhere soon.

Even though so many ‘90s fashion statements are coming back, they aren’t worn exactly as they were back in the day. The looks have been modernized with contemporary colors and fabrics. Dark, moody colors and trending pastels have replaced the neon brights of the past. While all these trends can be found at the mall, it’s also fun to dig through thrift store racks or boxes in your parents’ basement to find authentic pieces from the decade. Some real vintage denim or an embellished silky slip dress gives an outfit more character and guarantees you a unique look.

If all else fails, you can just binge watch old “Friends” episodes and get all your outfit ideas from Rachel Green. Is there any shame in that? As if!

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