Paint your way to progression and adventure in ‘Eastshade’

Explore a peaceful island while painting when inspiration strikes

The island of Eastshade is as beautiful as it is peaceful.

“Eastshade” by Eastshade Studios will get you away from the humdrum of life and add a little color along the way. Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Oct 22, the island of Eastshade is a remarkable place filled with wondrous beauty and things to do.

As a traveling painter, you have come to Eastshade to capture the world and its splendor on a canvas. Use your easel and paint to spread life on an empty canvas.

There are inhabitants of the island who want to meet you and ask for aid in some tasks. Meet these inhabitants and learn about their lives while helping around the island.

Here are some of the key features which make “Eastshade” the picturesque world that it is.

Peaceful open-world

There is nothing overtly dangerous on the island of Eastshade. This makes exploration and painting a relaxing and enjoyable experience that can be done at any speed and at any time.

Use paintings to progress

If something catches the eye and the urge to paint takes over, let it. Everything and anything can be made into a painting. When finished, give your paintings to the locals to unlock secrets and gain new items along the way.

Use schematics and crafting to surmount obstacles

While the island is peaceful with nothing to fear, there are certain objects which are a challenge to get over. Use acquired materials to create tools that will help to get over these obstacles, continue exploration and solve quests.

Make new friends

Everyone wants friends, and the locals of Eastshade are no different. Interact with characters through dynamic fully-voiced dialogue. As a conversation continues, more topics become available to talk about.

“Eastshade” is coming out for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, although it is already out on the Steam Store for PC. The game provides beautiful scenery and adventure. As one reviewer of the game on the Steam Store says, “Bob Ross Simulator 10/10.”

If painting, adventure and new friends are what you want, then head to “Eastshade.”

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