Dining Centers Changing the Menu

NDSU dining centers are making a change to their menu to embrace the love Midwesterners have for ranch. Due to high demand starting March 30, the dining centers will be serving more entrees with ranch.

Dining services had noticed that the ranch would need to be replaced multiple times throughout the day; therefore they decided if there is such a want they will oblige.

The dining centers are in the process of another renovation, to incorporate ranch dispensers on every wall and table in the dining centers. Each wall will be a different flavor, ranging from spicy, buffalo and cucumber. They plan to add more flavors once the listserv results are calculated as to what ranch is the most popular.

They have announced that once a week there will be a lunch serving of peanut butter and ranch sandwich served with fries sprinkled with ranch seasoning. They will also be testing a soup of the day each week and taking a poll of which is more popular, starting with ranch and pea soup.

Along with this, they will be adding to the typical meals they have been serving on campus. Now with the chicken cordon bleu, they will be injecting the middle of the chicken with ranch and pouring ranch flavored gravy on mashed potatoes.

To follow this, they are incorporating this change into the dessert line as well. Their ice cream toppings will be added to with NDSU’s creation of ranch sprinkles and a ranch hard shell. Dining services announced that they will be bringing new and fun desserts such as ranch pie, ranch infused cake, Jell-O sprinkled with ranch seasoning and a chocolate mousse mixed with ranch dressing.

A concern with many parents of students looking to attend or attending NDSU was the healthiness of eating ranch so often. However, dining services confirmed it is healthier than anything else they have served. With its high milligrams of sodium along with more saturated fat and trans fat than other toppings, dining services have confirmed that incorporating ranch into every meal will leave students full and satisfied.

“The more trans fat the better. It’s like eating fried food, fast food and doughnuts for every meal. People already do this so what could go wrong?” Janice Hart, director of dining services said.

Dining services are looking forward to finding more ways to incorporate ranch into the meals, as they believe students will enjoy having ranch all the time. By adding ranch to everything, production manager Julie Hillford believes they will see an increase in students attending dining centers and buying meal plans.

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