Creating a level of spooky in your dorm room

Decorations to make your dorm be the most festive in the hall

Adding gourds and small pumpkins are an easy way to decorate your living space.

You may view your dorm room as space you’re just occupying for a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for the holidays. We’re all aware that due to North Dakota State policy, dorm room walls can’t be drilled into nor should you apply copious amounts of very sticky adhesive to them in order to best hold things up. That being said, command hooks, masking tape and painters’ tape are your new best friends. 

Start off by making the entrance to your room the creepiest you can. Target often carries temporary wall decals and window clings that work well on the outside of dorm doors without damaging them. A spider-web themed door can be created by spreading clear scotch tape and fake spider webs spread across the outside of your door. Add little plastic black spiders to add extra to the effect. 

Next, prop pumpkins (artificial or real) on either side of your door. Not only do they provide great décor and give your room a bit more ambiance but carving or painting them could be a really fun activity for you and your friends. 

String lights are always essential when decorating for Halloween. Many stores carry cheap, battery-operated string lights in the shape of pumpkins, skulls, bats and more. String lights can truly tie together an overall theme of Spooktober. I personally chose to hang my lights around my shelves above my desk. Another option is winding them around the legs of your lofted beds in your dorm room.

Lastly, the most recent item I’ve used to decorate is gourds. 

Oh my gourd, these cute little guys really bring life and character to a drab, not-so-festive dorm room. You can purchase them in bulk from Target. By using just a few of the gourds throughout your dorm room, it can bring in the essence of fall. Gourds can add more color to your dorm room if looking to decorate with more than just shades of orange. An ample place to put them is wherever you have open shelf space and voila. You have the perfect touch of fall in your room. 

Hopefully, these tips are going to help you achieve the best dorm decorations in your hall. Put on a Halloween playlist and have fun decorating.

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