Celebrities to ‘Stick to Day Job’

Recently there has been a lot of backlash in regards to the sudden surge in celebrity activism involving politics. There are many people who believe celebrities should keep out of politics and politicians will keep out of entertainment.

As we all know, the most recent election caused a lot of change in the everyday lives of Americans. This includes the use of fame as a platform for spreading information in regards to the election results.

The morning of Wednesday, Feb. 15, Ashton Kutcher flew to Washington, D.C. in order to testify to the senate at a hearing on progress for contemporary slavery. Kutcher was there to represent the organization, Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, which he co-founded with Demi Moore.

During his 15-minute emotional testimony, Kutcher stated, “the internet trolls tell me to stick to my day job.”

He goes on to explain what exactly his organization does and how this not only affects him but others as well. Kutcher has been known to make wonderful moving speeches that tend to grab your heart strings and rip them straight out of your chest.

However, this example specifically is exactly why celebrities (or anyone who has a solid social platform) should be getting involved in politics. Awareness is a key step to creating a successful and loving environment.

One of the reasons some people believe celebrities shouldn’t be taking a political stance in an acceptance speech or a performance is because they are “spreading opinion based information.”

But isn’t that the point?

If something like a presidential election creates such an upheaval, shouldn’t people with influence be spreading this information? The average person can voice their opinion or thoughts on the topics that are continuously rolling straight out of the White House, but how much of a difference will that make.

We should definitely still be fighting for and speaking about what we believe in, but one measly tweet won’t reach nearly as many people as a quick speech at the Grammys will. Celebrity activism creates movements, which then leads to change. Due to the large audiences these people captivate, there will be more conversation about what is happening.

This nation, in its current messy state, needs more people like Ashton Kutcher, Meryl Streep, Beyonce and many others.

There is a tremendous undeniable need for acceptance. There is a need for understanding and awareness of what is happening. There is a need for change.

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