Bresciani Conspires with Clinton in Deleted Emails

President Dean Bresciani has been discovered to be in cohorts with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a new email scandal.

Earlier this week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation contacted North Dakota State about the emails regarding campus and presidential election information, where upon Bresciani confessed. Clinton denied the allegations, initially.

Clinton denied the allegations stating that she “never has contacted NDSU, nor would she be using her professional email if she did.”

She then retracted her initial statement and said that “all the messages had been professional and to assist NDSU.”

Bresciani said in his public statement that he was thinking about running for president, since he was already the president of NDSU.

The emails entailed details about NDSU financing, Chelsea Clinton and free tuition for some students. Clinton wanted NDSU to host her daughter, Chelsea, as a keynote speaker at graduation, where she would focus on her mother’s run for president.

Clinton stated her desire in her email that she wished for NDSU to give free tuition to all students from the East Coast.

Bresciani said he concurs to giving free tuition to all students from the East Coast as long as Clinton started donating $500,000 federal dollars as president to the school each year.

Clinton is still hoping that Chelsea Clinton will be the keynote speaker at graduation, although there were no comments about the donations she may have made to NDSU. Bresciani said nothing about running for president, noting that all the emails had somehow been deleted.

Although the emails had been deleted out of the inbox, both forgot to clear their deleted section of the email, and the FBI is slowly recovering the emails from the deleted box.

Bresciani and Clinton had exchanged nearly 40,000 emails in the eight-month period. Most of the earlier emails are missing due to automatic clearing of deleted inboxes every 29 days.

Bresciani had no comment on the nature of the emails but said in his press release that “no one was fired” because of the emails.

Clinton is not worried since her previous email scandal had finally blown over and she said people will “forget about this incident” as well.

The FBI found out about the emails after Bresciani accidently hit the reply all button during an unrelated email thread.

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