Boys Will be Boys?

There recently has been a large amount of controversy surrounding the issue of Trump and what he considers “locker room talk.”

When multiple people have been asked about this situation, their reactions have been very similar to those of the public people. Scoffing, shaking their head and being completely repulsed are just a few of these reactions.

When asking around campus what students consider to be locker room talk, there was never once mention of anything even along the lines of men discussing how you just have to “grab them by the p—y.” This is a disgusting representation of how rape culture is being publicized and made into a social norm. Is this really who we want running our country? A man who justifies rape culture and objectifies women in such a horrific manner?

Some people may argue that Trump was falling into the standard of “boys will be boys,” but this statement is also an vindication of socially acceptable rape culture. Women of today can no longer walk the streets without being terrified for their safety, yet we have a presidential candidate who talks about women as if they are objects made simply to please men.

Why is that America? Why is it okay that he has made it this far in the election process? What ever happened to moral integrity?

Yes, I understand he is the republican candidate. Yes, I understand we have a female for the democratic candidate of the election. But do we really want someone like Donald Trump even vaguely representing our country?

Oppression is basically his right-hand man when it comes to him potentially becoming president. Build a wall. Objectify women. Get rid of anyone who has different beliefs. These are vague and dramatized interpretations of his stance on different political points, but isn’t that what he’s all about? The drama? The way things (even people) look?

A person who objectifies women the way Trump does shouldn’t even be able to run for president, let alone become the republican candidate. But here we are America, letting a man who justifies rape culture by calling it “locker room talk” into our homes.

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