Bob Seger rocks the Fargodome

In his last tour, Bob Seger does not disappoint

Bob Seger goes out with a bang.

Many people have heard at least one song by the great Bob Seger, most likely “Old Time Rock n Roll”, but how many would expect to see him in concert after all these years?

This weekend, just that happened. Fans were treated to a huge concert in the Fargodome filled with Bob Seger’s greatest hits.

Penned as his last tour, he was running around on-stage dancing and having a jolly good time. He loves doing it and the people that came to watch loved seeing it.

It started with an opener who was definitely nervous. They did not even really tell us who they were. They played classic country songs about trucks and beer.

They played about four or five songs before they left the stage. Then the man of the hour came on and he was ecstatic.

He sang classics like “Old Time Rock n Roll” and “Like a Rock” as well as a very touching tribute to greats like Prince to the tune of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”. He was a master on that piano.

He spent the entire time showing off his skills and just having a ball.

Honestly, it was kind of inspiring to watch.

Accompanying him was the Silver Bullet Band with an assortment of instruments, anything from saxophones to grand pianos.

There is nothing quite like live music and Bob Seger showed that. Just the energy on the stage was overwhelming and made you want to cheer him on.

His voice is not what it used to be but that did not stop him from attempting to belt out those high notes. The notes he could not do he left to the audience and they mostly delivered.

He even came on twice more for sets of three more songs as an encore. You could not get him off the stage if you wanted to.

Since it is his last tour, he seems to be making the most of it. When most stars say it’s their last they tend to do another one a couple of years later, but Bob Seger may be one of those that does not.

It was great while it lasted and a great thing to experience. If you have the chance to see the great Bob Seger in his final concert you must take up the opportunity or you may regret it.

Even if you go into it not knowing many of the songs, which was my experience, you will still come out enjoying it.

You may even know more of his songs than you give yourself credit for.

You may also leave it one of his biggest fans and add all his songs to your playlist.

Don’t worry they sell t-shirts.

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