Bison Book Nook: ‘Infinity’ by Jus Accardo

Centered around multidimensional travel, “Infinity” is a young adult fantasy novel and the first book in the Infinity Division Series.

The story begins when main character Kori meets a boy named Cade, who seems to know her very soul.

When Kori is attacked on the street, Cade and his friend Noah come to her rescue. It becomes apparent something else is going on, something Kori knows nothing about.

Kori later discovers her father, as well as Cade and Noah, are part of a government program called Infinity. Infinity is a multidimensional travel agency that attempts to keep the peace between the universes.

Enter Dylan, who is from Cade and Noah’s original universe. Dylan is traveling through every parallel universe he can, trying to find the girlfriend who died in his arms. He’ll do anything to get her back, including killing Kori.

Dylan has killed every Kori in every universe he’s been in to get back at Cade, who he believes killed his girlfriend. He’s determined to make Cade pay for his sins.

When Dylan captures Kori’s dad, it becomes apparent Kori must sacrifice her life to save her father. But Cade and Noah are determined not to let Kori die again.

The novel is written in Kori’s point of view as she comes to terms with her father’s involvement in Infinity and her own mortality when faced with Dylan’s determination to end her life.

At the end of the novel, there’s a bonus point of view in a chapter that explains the story behind Cade and Noah’s induction into the Infinity program. It’s told through Cade’s point of view.

“Infinity” was written by Jus Accardo, a best-selling author of YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Based out of New York, Accardo is the author of the Denazen series, the Darker Agency series and the Eternal Balance series.

For its romance and interesting science fiction, “Infinity” definitely deserves a read.

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