Best friends forever

Spectrum Editors share who their best friend is and why


Growing up, being called someone’s best friend was a moment that caused butterflies and excitement. It meant someone chose you over everyone else to say, “You are the best.” People can have multiple best friends, but the Spectrum Editors wanted to spotlight who they consider their best friend.

From middle school friendships to finding them right in the Spectrum office, everyone finds their best friend in a different way. But when you do, your whole life is changed, and without them, you would not be who you are today.

Brittany Hofmann

Freshman year of college, living in Seim Hall, Hofmann met Thomas Evanella. Since then, they have become best friends and started dating. They’ve road tripped to Denver together, taken midnight rides and gone on multiple movie and Shakey Monday dates.

Evanella not only makes Hofmann happy, but also provides her with a sense of reliability.

“We’ll be doing something, and we’ll just hug each other and — say ‘we’re best friends,’” Hofmann explained.

Laura Ellen Brandjord

Studying abroad in India led Brandjord to meet Sarah Strinka, who ended up being the person that people ask whether she is her sister or twin.

Since they have a long-distance friendship, Brandjord went to visit Strinka in her home state, Ohio, where they ended up spending their time in bookstores or coffee shops, crocheting “like little old ladies.”

“In many ways, we are the same person; my crazy complements her crazy,” Brandjord laughed.

Jacob Elwell

The innocence of elementary school recess can lead to many friendships, but this one has been maintained ever since. Gavin Ovshak is not only loyal, but will be there for Elwell at his worst. They’ve worked together, played basketball together and played video games together. “We share countless memories,” Elwell said.

Long-distance friendships are difficult to maintain, but they still try to talk often. “He’s still a very important person in my life,” Elwell said.

Phoebe Ellis

Many meet their best friends in the work place, so when Ryan Nix started as Co-News Editor at the Spectrum, Ellis and him became closer than ever. Ellis explained how she can call Nix at 3 a.m. and, “He will not only be there for me, but pick me up.” Anytime he misses a call, he calls back asking “What’s wrong?” to make sure she is OK.

“He’s genuinely a good friend,” Ellis said.

Zach Liu

In sixth grade on a basketball court, Liu met Kenny Louzier, not knowing that down the road would be a lifelong friendship.

Liu explained how they were able to make fun of each other since they have the same type of humor, and that he is “one of the nicest guys I know.” When Louzier isn’t spending a summer making soap or bread, he is taking Snapchats of his cat, Bob.

Leif Jonasson

College is where many people meet their lifelong friends. When working at the Spectrum, Jonasson bonded with Rio Bergh, and they ended up being friends for the rest of their careers. They’ve been able to watch each other grow as people and achieve the goals they once talked about.

Bergh is a friend who is “understanding of everything” and “always there to talk.” So, it was a good thing that Jonasson initiated the friendship. “He was a quiet guy, and I just bugged him until he talked to me,” Jonasson said.

Taylor Schloemer

Playing baseball in middle school was a bonding activity for Schloemer and Peter Wells. Since then, they’ve spent the years playing sports as a hobby. One of the memories that Schloemer reminisced on was “foot golfing,” which is “like golf, but with a soccer ball.”

A best friend is someone you can laugh with, and that is why he considers Wells to be his closest friend.

Ryan Nix

Second semester of freshman year in Stockbridge Hall, Nix met Mitch Beneke. He ended up being a reliable “super nerd.” Last year, Beneke came over to Nix’s place and just sat there in silence, not feeling the need to speak.

“He’s just always been there,” Nix said.

Cassy Tweed  

All of her friends told her Christian Koski was cool, so she knew in middle school that she wanted to become friends. Both of them went to different schools, but luckily their moms knew each other, and the rest is history. Once they started, “We never stopped hanging out,” Tweed said.

After being friends for so long, they started dating three years ago.

Victoria Moss

When in middle school, eighth grade to be exact, it is easy to become friends with those in your class, which is how Moss met Adrienne Barrier. They struggle to see each other because Moss goes to school at NDSU and Barrier lives in Canada now, but, “We are close even though we barely get to see each other,” Moss said.

Miranda Stambler

Now, it’s time for my best friend.

Freshman year of college, in Sevrinson Hall, I lived in a temporary overflow room. I never understood the “my significant other is my best friend” stories, until I met Austin Whitescarver. This wasn’t a best friends start dating story, more like a through dating you realize they’ve been your best friend all along.

There’s been multiple times that he’ll look at me and say, “Ice cream?” and all of the sudden at 2 a.m. we’re driving to Kroll’s or Hornbacher’s. He doesn’t judge me, he knows what I’m thinking before I even say it and I know that if I call him, he’ll pick up no matter what.

To me, that is the definition of a best friend — someone who is loyal, honest and reliable.  

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